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7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted May 11, 2016 in Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is quickly becoming more and more visual each day, to the point that written posts are very rare on social media. Due to this reason, Instagram has become really popular because it offers all the filters you need to make your photos and videos look fabulous. Business owners from all over the world are using Instagram to run their social media marketing campaigns and if you don’t already have an Instagram account, check out the reasons why you should have it.

If you do have an Instagram account, whether you are a newbie or you just want a few more tips on how to use Instagram to the best of its potential, keep on reading.

1-Link Your Facebook Profile with Instagram:

Instagram Does Really Well With Facebook

Instagram Does Really Well With Facebook

Facebook and Instagram are really compatible with each other due to the fact that Facebook owns Instagram. So, the photos you share from Instagram to your Facebook page will have the same size as they do on Instagram. Link your Facebook page to your Instagram profile if you want to have a better social media marketing experience.

2-Be Brand-Specific:

Whatever your field of business is, make sure you post photos and videos that somehow relate to that niche. You cannot expect to have a consistent follower base, if you randomly post photos and videos that are miles away from each other in relativity. Even if you want to make funny or interesting posts, make sure it connects to your niche in one way or another.

3-Hashtags are Your Best Friends:


If you have used Twitter, you know that hashtags are the main part of a tweet. It’s how your tweets get found in search results. Same is true for Instagram but it has an extra advantage as well. It does not have any character limit! You can use as much hashtags as you want but keep in mind that if you use too much, you will come across as someone desperate for attention.

You should use your brand related hashtags whenever you can and in a really unique way, if possible. This will give your followers something that will connect with other people with the same interests.

Include one or two general hashtags as well, like if you run a business that is related to cars in some way, use the #cars hashtag. It has the potential to increase your visibility even more.

Keep an eye out for the trending hashtags in your niche as well. They are a sure fire way to bring lots of people to your post and it will increase your brand awareness.

4-Priortize Your Followers:

People love it when you make them feel special. If your follower makes an interesting photo related to your niche, share it with your audience and give credit to that follower but before doing this, ask them for permission in a private message to use their photo and if they approve, only then share it. You can embed that photo on your website or blog post as well.

Post photos and videos that you think your customers would want to see, not what you want them to see. Give their opinion a higher priority when thinking about photos to post.

If you like your followers’ posts related to your niche, make sure you show them by liking and commenting on their post. Respond to all the comments on your posts to show your followers that you care about them and would love to get their feedback.

@mentioning is really important too as it will make your followers fee special. But do not @mention so many followers that you come off as spammy because it will definitely be detrimental to your success in Instagram marketing.

 5-Be Creative in Your Posts:

With tutorials on everything on the internet, it’s easy to learn anything now a days. So, why not follow a few good photography tutorials that will help you enhance your social media marketing? Be creative in your ideas and make photos that will be a hit among your followers.

You can also make short videos as well. But on Instagram, you have to be really concise and efficient in the way you form that video. With a very short time limit, you have to describe what you are trying to say in the best way possible.

Whether you post a photo or a video, make sure that they show your brand and products in a way that encourages people to like them.

6-Add a Little Personal Touch:

People don’t connect with robots. If you just keep on posting about how your business is perfect and your products are mind blowing, eventually people will get tired of your constant sales pitch. You have to add a little personal touch as well.

You can share your brand’s story, behind the scenes or your employees working together in a positive environment. You can even add some funny personal videos of the CEO or some other higher person in your business. Anything that gives your brand that human feeling will prove to be really good in terms of increasing follower engagement.

7-Hold a Contest:

Holding a contest can really go a long way in gathering followers. Choosing the right prize is the essential thing here. The right prize is the one that will relate to your market in some way because that way you can gather the right crowd. If you entice people with an iPad when your actual business revolves around cars, it will not exactly gather a car crazy follower base, will it?

Another way to hold a contest is to run a weekly photo caption contest. It has really proven to be a great way to get people to engage with your posts. The prize can be as simple as an honorable mention in the next caption contest post.

These tips are really among the best there are over the internet. So, try them out and see which ones work out for the best and then integrate them into your Instagram marketing. Keep an eye out for the latest trends as well because social media is ever changing and being flexible is the key to successful social media marketing.


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