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7 Things you should immediately stop doing on Facebook

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 11, 2013 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media News

Are you worried about your decreasing or unwanted popularity on Facebook and getting tired of some of your Facebook friends’ attitude or cheap behavior? You joined Facebook to communicate with your friends or so what, but you unknowingly became victim of some Facebook cheap users. Don’t worry. Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms with a huge number (almost 1 billion) of active users. And we know that it’s a part of popularity that some disgraceful people enter the world of Facebook to disturb its users or to fulfill their irritating and shaming purposes.

Here’s a list of 7 things you should immediately stop to do to get rid of such a situation:

1. Tagging people in photos: If you’re tagging random people or the people you’ve no concern with them in photos then stop it right now. Because you’re providing a chance to the spammers to use your photos for their purposes and it may irritate you.

2. Cross-posting to Facebook from Twitter: Avoid posting stuff directly from Twitter to Facebook even when you’ve a weak grip on content and commendable stuff. You’re right that everyone on Social platforms is doing that same stuff is posted on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google as well. But remember that they do it with guts in a decent way and avoid sending their Tweets to Facebook automatically. So stop it as it’ll cause disappearing your friends and followers making you disregarded.

3. You like your own posts: It’s cool that you posted a picture of cute kitten or innocent baby. Isn’t it? Then you stamped your own posted picture with a like. Here, you conceived a mistake. It’s understood that you like the picture that’s why you posted it. It shows your doubt or insecure feeling so, avoid it. Give others the chance to like or dislike your posted picture otherwise it’ll damage your image.

4. New page invitations: You want to create a new page for your business. Good! But avoid inviting your friends for this purpose. Simply post interesting and quality content to your page and tell about it to your friends via your Facebook profile. Your friends will follow their own selves if they find interest in it.

5. Mass or baseless messages: Mass messages will damage your repute. Therefore stop doing that. Don’t send any massage requesting to vote or like your page to a number of people. Try to make a professional approach. It’s much better for you than disregarding yourself.

6. Infinite app requests: It’s embarrassing for your friends if you use Facebook consistently to play games or useless app requests. Moreover, when you invite your friends to do so or join you in such a meaningless act, your impression falls down.

7. Poking people: It’s simply irritating if your friends meet you while joking. You’ll have to stop doing so. It’ll run your graph down and your friends will like you no more if they constantly feel that you’re poking them. No one likes this behavior and on Facebook, not at all.


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