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7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Are Failing

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 13, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Google+/ Instagram Info/ LinkedIn/ Pinterest News/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing/ YouTube

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Most of the business owners all over the world now know that social media is their best buddy if they want to promote their business across the world. They try out different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest to get a feel of what will benefit them the most. They make strategies about how to make people notice them and follow them. But they sometimes leave out important things while making these strategies which results in unsatisfactory outcome of their efforts. Here are a few things that they do or do not do:

1-Having No Strategy At All:

The first mistake that they sometimes do is not having a strategy at all. They join social media marketing just because their rivals do it. That is the worst mistake any business owner can do. If you don’t even have a goal in mind, how ca you possible achieve it? So, set some goals for yourself and then plan how you are going to reach them.

2-Spreading Yourself Too Thin:

Don’t spread yourself too thin by using a lot of social media platforms at once. It will make you look like you don’t have a marketing plan at all. Some social networking sites are more suitable for some businesses than others. For example, for authors Twitter might be best and for fashion studios Instagram might be the best choice. So, think about the field that your business relates to and then decide which one or two social media platforms will be best suitable for the nature of your business and where you can be present all the time to give you followers your undivided attention.

3-Making Quantity Their First Priority:

Quality matters more than quantity. Making 3 effective and inspiring posts a week is better than seven ineffective, boring and uninspiring posts a week. Don’t you think so?

4-Being A Salesman Constantly:

Twitter QUick Promote

You just cannot expect people to hang onto your every word if all you talk about is how great your company is and how much your products cost. Give people some breathing room if you want them to pay attention to your brand. Otherwise, they will just move onto some other brand who is selling their products in a better way.

5-Being Ignorant:

Do your research. Visit your followers’ profiles and see what pages or people they are following. Look at those pages or profiles and see what they are offering that your customers like. You never know when you will find something that will inspire you or make you realize something that you are doing wrong. If you do find something that seems good to you and you think that your followers will like it, do not hesitate to do it.

6-Taking Social Media Lightly:

You are dealing with real people on social media who demand your attention. If you go on days at end without checking your social media profiles, there may be a huge pile of notifications and questions or feedback that you will find overwhelming. You will probably not be able to do a thorough job of responding to all of those.

So make sure that you fit ‘social media check in’ part of your daily routine right along your coffee, paper or whatever you do on a daily basis in order for it to give you desired results.

7-Not Adapting To Latest Social Media Trends:

Social Media is really progressing into something much bigger than we can imagine. This progress cannot be managed without certain changes. Every now and then, social media sites apply some changes that affect the way your page will be viewed by your customers. You have to be flexible and make your posts in such a way that will keep your audience connected to you. In the end, we all have to adapt to the changes around us in order to be able to survive and progress.

When it comes down to it, social media marketing is really not rocket science. Just small things done in the right way make all the difference in the world.


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