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7 Reasons To Include Instagram Into Your Marketing Strategy

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 18, 2014 in Facebook Marketing/ Instagram Info/ Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram In Your Marketing Strategy

You have a business and you’re not sure which social media platform to use in order to promote it. Let me make it easy for you. There are several options available for you to choose from such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. But out of all of them, Instagram stands out the most in social media marketing. In fact, according to Forrester Research, out of 7 social media networks that they’d studied, Instagram was the most prominent in helping the business owners gain more audience. While the engagement rate of the other networks was 0.1 %, Instagram showed 4.21 % engagement rate.

Instagram is a social networking platform on which you can share photos, videos and engage with your followers. There also some built in filters and photo editors installed which help in making the photos or videos better. So if you have a business which can be promoted through graphic visuals then Instagram is the place for you to set up an audience. You can also share these photos/videos on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The reason Instagram is more popular among people is that people like viewing pictures and videos better than they like reading boring content, so to speak.

If you are still confused whether you should join Instagram or not, here are a few reasons why you should give it a chance:

1-It’s Not Just Another Social Media Network:

Every now and then, a platform arises that makes us think that it will be the next big thing and then just continues to do average stuff. Instagram is not like that. Over just a short time span, Instagram has managed to lure Millions of people faster than any other network; the only exception is Google+.

The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. It’s possible that a day will come when more people would be on Instagram than there are on Facebook. It has showed us how much powerful it is and will continue to provide results to the business owners who use Instagram in their campaign.

2-Instagram Is Not Just For “Kids”:

Yes, there is a large number of young generation on Instagram but there is a large number of business owners too. According to a study, almost 65 % of all the business owners in the world are on Instagram. They get a lot more response from their followers on Instagram than they do on other social media networks.

So, if you think that Instagram is just for “kids” then think again because there are also the “big guys” who use Instagram to promote their business.

3-Instagram Features Are Business Friendly:

I am not sure that Instagram was designed keeping business owners in mind or not but either way, the features that Instagram offers are incredibly business friendly. Photos are a great way for showing people interesting visuals about your products. They keep the public hooked and increase the amount of views that your product gets.

If you want another option then Instagram offers you video sharing feature. You can even post videos showing how your product works. You can even just talk to your followers and introduce them to your business and your ambition. You can make your followers truly understand your views by interacting with them this way.

4-You Can Post Photos About Anything:

Even if your business is not product based and there are not a lot of products to take photo, you can still post interesting photos. You can take a photo of where you work, how your employees work, your office, your locality or just about anything and post it and connect with people. Remember, people like to work with actual people. So if you just post about your products and don’t show them your personality and introduce yourself then you won’t get as much followers as you can get otherwise.

So by giving an infinite variety of categories for photos, Instagram offer you take your liberty and post about anything; just don’t post pictures or videos showing nudity as that can get your profile removed.

5-Every One of Your Photos Will Be Viewed:

On facebook you have to promote your post so that they’ll get more views and likes. Only your latest posts will be in the news feed of your follower’s Facebook home page. But unlike Facebook, there is no question about which of your posts will get more views on Instagram because all of your photos will be visible in the news feed of your follower’s profile. When they scroll down their page they’ll be able to view all of your photos and videos.

To top it off, your videos will play automatically so you don’t have to worry about people not viewing you videos. If your video posts are interesting, people will stop and watch it till the end.

6-Instagram Does Really Well with Facebook:

Instagram Does Really Well With Facebook

Facebook purchased Instagram two years ago. So, it only seems logical that Facebook will make sure that Instagram stays on top. In order to further promote Instagram, the pictures shared from it on Facebook are shown in full size while the pictures from other networks (like Pinterest) are only shown in thumbnails with the links to the original post. So, you can post whatever you want on Instagram and then share it on Facebook and you’ll get views from followers on both platforms. You can see why it is such a good idea to use Facebook and Instagram together if you want to get more audience.

7-You Can Track Your Statistics:

While there is no built-in stats analyzer on Instagram, you can still analyze your statistical data by using another site named iconosquare. This site is extremely helpful in providing you with detailed analysis about your Instagram profile and will help you make your Instagram profile more successful by showing you the results of what you do. If you do something right, you can continue doing that but if you do something wrong, you can improve in your future posts.

8-It’s Really Enjoyable:

If the above reasons failed to persuade you to join Instagram, you can join it just for the sake of fun that it provides. You are going to work all day anyway, so why not enjoy it if you can? It can be super fun because Instagram will never let you get bored. There is always something new that you didn’t know before. You can connect with your followers while enjoying yourself. Most of the Instagram users believe this site to be the most enjoyable social media platform.

All of the above reasons show you how Instagram can be your best buddy if you want to promote your business using social media marketing. But what you decide is completely up to you.


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