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7 Reasons to include Snapchat in your marketing strategy

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 27, 2016 in Snapchat/ Social Media Marketing

Snapchat marketing

Snapchat is one of the social media platforms which have hit the social media world by a storm. Living in this digital era, it’s hard to even presume that a person might be unaware of Snapchat. The app has some features which are fairly unique and these features actually make this application more fun. All your snaps and videos are visible for a short period of time i.e. a few seconds. After the specified time set by sender, snaps, pictures and videos disappear.

Snapchat is the latest trend and smartphone users are literally crazy over this app. Don’t trust me? Just look around yourself and try to find 10 persons who are not fond of this app. I bet, for you this will be a pretty hard thing to do. With such popularity among users, this app can be a good source of marketing for businesses as well. Some businesses have already incorporated Snapchat in their marketing strategy but many are still confused.

In this article I’m going to share some reasons that could help you to realize why it is a good approach to market your brand through Snapchat.

1. Audience becomes part of your activities:

In my opinion, this is the biggest advantage of this app. Your audience actually becomes part of your doings. It’s a good way to tell the audience that they matter for business and that is why business wants to keep in touch with them. The content business share with their audience(whether it is a pic or a video) helps to build a strong connection with them.

2. It’s fun place to communicate and market:

Since this app has some unique ways to interact with others and you are not bound to use conventional and boring mediums for communication and marketing, this app is actually so much fun. You can draw on your pictures or can use a funny caption for your stuff and make it even more interesting.

3. Cheap way to market your brand:

To market your brand on Snapchat all you need is a smartphone with this application installed and a working internet connection, that’s it. As long as you have these two things, you can get on board. Just click a pic or make a video and share it with the people. Good thing is you don’t have to be professional or formal. People actually love it when you communicate with them in non-conventional and informal ways.

4. Entertain your audience with your spontaneous side:

Using this tool for marketing, you don’t have to over think about your posts. Because your photos and videos are visible for few seconds, you can be yourself and post something spontaneous. Your posts will not haunt you in future for sure. This is what makes Snapchat a sweet heart of its users. This tool allows you to be yourself and show your imperfect side as well. Using this tool you are under the constant pressure of perfection and always delivering cent percent.

5. Good way to earn competitive edge:

Snapchat is quite famous among users on personal level however it is quite evident that a very low percentage of business is using this tool for marketing because they are still confused about its feasibility. This is not a new thing to hear for either of us. Businesses always take time to incorporate new trends in their strategies. The same thing happened when social media marketing was introduced few years back.

However it is quite clear that those businesses which adopted social media trends earlier than others did not regret their decision and now they are enjoying competitive edge over others. The same goes for Snapchat. It might be confusing now but it is going to be a great tool for businesses to promote and market their brand in near future. It is actually a good time to start marketing your brand through this tool because it will bring your brand in the limelight.

6. Positive image and reputation:

Adoption of latest trends is actually a way to prove that you are not a geek. It might be a quite strange thing to read but let’s be honest here. In this digital age, what would you think of those brands which only advertise themselves through radio and television on printing media and they have absolutely no presence on social media. Off course you will presume them old fashioned and it is less likely that you go for their services and products.

Presence of your brand on social media platforms is a way to address your audience and make them realize that you are a flexible brand and you do understand the importance of changing trends and changing needs of audience which ultimately present a positive image of your brand.

7. Act smartly to attract your smart audience:

Technology has made the audience really smart. It is need of the hour that you treat you your audience according to their mentality and interest. This smart generation communicates through digital stuff and they want the responses in digital form as well. Short videos and pictures are the favorite ways to express feelings now. So you have to be smart enough to deal with this situation. If you want your brand to be recognized then you have to cope with the changing trends. Under such circumstances, Snapchat is the most suitable tool for you because it a video and pictures sharing platform.

In a nutshell to survive and to remain successful you have to act smart and you have to portray a positive image that you are a flexible business which is intended to serve their audience according to their tastes and trends.


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