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7 Reasons Your Facebook Engagement is dropping

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 14, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

Facebook Mistakes

Engagement rate on Facebook is the number of people who saw your contents and react to it by sharing it, liking it or by commenting on your post. Engagement rate describes how active and committed your relationship is with your customers or followers. However attaining and then maintaining high engagement rate is not a piece of cake.

Decline in the engagement rate is a common problem that almost every business faces at some point of time. There may be certain reasons for the drop and there is a possibility that your business’s reason for the drop varies from your competitor.

In this article will discuss some common reasons that might be causing a fall in your Facebook reach or engagement rate. I hope this article gives you a helping hand in identification of your problem.

1. Posting of common stuff:

It is one of the most common reasons for the fall in the engagement rate. If you are not coming up with innovative stuff then it might be a reason for the decline in the engagement rate. If your posts are repetitive or if are similar to the posts of other pages then obviously people will not be willing to spend their time on your post. Be creative in your posts because creativity inspires others.

2. Followers’ insights are ignored:

For social media marketing and businesses, the key of success is to consider the insights of you customers. If you are not considerate about the likes and interests of your users then they will get bored. If your posts are not fulfilling the needs of your customers then obviously they will lose their interest and this kind of situation will lead to fall in the engagement rate.

Another important thing to consider is that always be careful about the sentiments of the audience. If you are posting something that is offensive to some users then obviously they might dislike your page or block your page. This situation ultimately leads to less organic reach or engagement by users.

3. Quality of posts:

The main factor that plays a very important role in the drop of engagement rate is the quality of your posts. If it is not as good as it should be then probably your engagement rate will move adversely. For example, maybe you have posted an image but it is blurry. These types of posts can actually disturb users or may fail to grab their attention. Quality of your posts really matters if you are looking for a high engagement rate. In order to grab user’s attention you have to make sure that you are posting something unique and up to the standard.

4. Less interaction with users:

One of the easiest ways to obtain high engagement rate is by engaging the users themselves in your activities. For example, post an image of your two products and ask users which product they like and why. It is the best option to encourage and ask customers for their feedback. If you are lacking in this kind of interaction then this is a big reason of the decline in engagement rate.

Another example of less interaction is that you are not responding to the comments or questions of your audience. In case of irresponsible behavior of businesses towards their users, users get frustrated and engagement rate automatically falls. You must ensure that you are entertaining users’ questions and their concerns as quickly as possible and in the best possible way.

Facebook Tips

5. Insufficient posting of stuff:

More posts bag more attention from audience and less posts result in less engagement rate. If you are experiencing decline in the organic reach then it’s time to reconsider whether you are posting enough or sufficient content or not. There are chances that you will realize that you are not posting sufficient content due to which your presence in the newsfeed of users has also become infrequent.

A Facebook user comes across a large number of posts from different brands whenever they visit Facebook. It is not humanly possible to remember each and every brand so it’s obvious that only brands with presence in the newsfeed successfully attain user’s observation. As a business, you are responsible to bring your brand in the lime light.

6. Non-competitive approach:

As mentioned earlier, users get bored if they see the same or similar stuff on different pages. Due to lack of innovation, users either dislike your page or they stop seeing your posts. Business needs a right competitive strategy in order to stand out in the crowd of brands. You should constantly figure out whether you are presenting something that is different form your competitors to remain creative and innovative. Or else you might face drop in engagement rate due to this reason.

7. You are not posting on the right time:

Sometimes the reason of fall in the engagement rate is that you have changed your time to post. For example, if you had a custom to post in the morning then subconsciously people had it in their minds that you will be posting in the morning every day. Any change in your schedule can actually hurt the engagement rate of yours.

Because with the time change a very few users will bother enough to wait for your post. Others will not even care to visit once again because they have many more interesting things to see. So for a business it’s very important to figure out which time is most suitable for sharing stuff with audience.


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