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7 Newbie Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Instagram

By Alex Neil Posted Feb 22, 2017 in Instagram Info/ Social Media Marketing


With the company celebrating 600 million users, more and more brands and small businesses from all over the world are using Instagram for their social media marketing. But just going in there and doing whatever you want is not going to help you in achieving your goals. You have to use Instagram the way it is supposed to be used and then you can expect good results.

According to a report, Instagram is at the top of the list of social media platforms with the most customer/business interaction. So, it is highly recommended that you be careful of a few things when using Instagram in social media marketing for your brand. Below are a few mistakes that small businesses, who are new to Instagram, usually do:

1-Profile is not detailed:

Fill out your profile thoroughly, especially your bio section. Your bio describes your business and purpose for being on Instagram. It will help your followers decide if they want to follow your brand or not. So, fill it with extreme caution.

2-Missing Captions:

Instagram is a photo/video sharing platform. So. it only seems logical that those photos have captions which describe what is happening in the pictures. But some brands think that the pictures themselves are explanation enough. Well, it might be true in some cases but more often than not, it’s not.

3-Low-Quality Content:

With so many smart phones and high quality cameras spread around, people now expect a certain quality in the photos that they see on the internet. Gone are the days when you could get away with posting blurry and low quality photos. Now, if you post blurry photos, it may seem unprofessional which will affect your brand negatively.

4-Misuse of Hashtags:


Putting a lot of hashtags in your post just because you want to get more views, even if those hashtags are not relevant to your post, is a really bad practice. You need to use hashtags which are precise and related to your post.

5-Private Accounts:

Okay, so you have done everything right and used good hashtags in your posts but still you are not getting any response. You may not have paid attention to the fact that your account might be private. Go to your account settings and make it available to public so that you appear in search results.

6-Posting Too Less Or Too Much:

Posting around 2 to 3 times a day is enough because if you post too much, people will put you in the spam category and unfollow you and if you post too less, people will forget you. So, figure out a reasonable number and then stick to it.

7-Antisocial Attitude:

Being secluded on a social platform is not a good idea. You need to interact with people in your field and make yourself known. Socializing with the influencers in your field is also a great idea because if they mention you, you might get more people to follow your brand.

These are not all the tips that you need to know but they enough to get you started if you are new to Instagram marketing. Keep them in mind and always keep trying to learn new trends and tricks to stay ahead in your game.


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