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7 Mistakes That May Cost You Twitter Followers

By Alex Neil Posted May 06, 2015 in Social Media News/ Twitter Marketing

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Sometimes it happens that you lose a little number of your Twitter followers while building your Twitter presence, but it doesn’t affect your moderate Twitter following. Don’t worry; it’s a part of presence on social media sites. However, when over the time you realize that you are losing your Twitter followers steadily, then it’s the time to think about the reason behind it.

You may be committing some major mistakes while establishing your Twitter presence. Here’s a quick but comprehensive list of 7 possible reasons why you are steadily losing your twitter followers:

1- You are tweeting about the topics far away from your bio

New followers will lose their interest to follow you when they will feel the difference between your bio and the topic you tweet. For example, if your bio says ‘tweets on finance and marketing’ and your followers find your tweets about kitchen recipes or gardening, don’t consider it strange when your new followers quickly unfollow you shortly afterwards. Avoid off-topic tweets, especially when you are advertising yourself.

2- You are not active in response

It is very important to engage and build a relation’s bridge with your followers. If they don’t receive a quick response by your side or get nothing in return, they’ll lose their interest in following you. Your followers want to see you active in responding that encourages them to remain your followers. Your less interest and late or passive response can change their minds and they can unfollow you.

3- You argue too much or are less friendly in conversation

To bear someone’s argumentative tendencies is simply unwanted on Twitter like other social media sites. Nobody likes to engage a person who is constantly arguing. Moreover, if your conversation is not friendly or interesting enough to bound someone’s attention, no wonder if you lose your followers. So get involved in conversation and be friendly to your followers.

4- You are over promoting your site

Are You Losing Twitter Followers? 7 Possible Reasons Why?

As we know, Twitter is being used more than to broadcast your sale messages. Your activities to send countless messages to promote your site can decrease the number of your followers. Avoid spamming them with extra loads of your sale offers like “Buy … at the price ….”

5- Spelling mistakes or bad grammar

You can’t afford it whether you are poor in it or are doing this just because of your carelessness. Followers lose their interest when they feel difficulty in understanding your messages properly. Always use a spellchecker to avoid this trouble.

6- You are using too many hashtags (#)

If you’re irritating your followers by pilling your tweets with infinite number of #, you’re yourself creating a negative point against you. It makes hard to read your point of tweet. Simply stop filling your tweets with #.

7- You are appearing too needy

If you are talking to people completely focusing on asking to retweet, follow you or share your own content every time you talk to them, your followers can ditch you. Focus on the quality of your content, this is the way your followers will willingly share or retweet your content.


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