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7 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses 2017

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 10, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

halloween marketing

Holiday season is now here and you need to implement it in your marketing strategies if you are in social media marketing. It stands especially true for small businesses because holiday season can turn out to be insanely profitable if you play your cards right. The first holiday to kick start the season is Halloween and it’s the time to be creative.

Embrace the holiday spirit and have fun in your business marketing. With 20 days till Halloween, it’s almost too late if you haven’t really started using Halloween in your offers and social media posts. But, there is still time to implement a few trends that go viral in this time of the year. Even if you are a very professional brand, there are ways that you can incorporate these holiday ideas in your marketing strategies to bring joy to everyone.

1- A Halloween Themed Logo:

google halloween

Your logo is the main thing that your brand can be recognized everywhere. It’s never a good idea to change your brand’s logo frequently. But in holiday season, you need to make a few tweaks to adapt your logo to the trending holiday. For now, it’s Halloween. Don’t change the logo on your products. But it would be a good idea to make the logo on your brand website and social media profiles a little bit spooky. This way, you will make people feel better about your brand in general.

After Halloween, it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Easter. Just modify your logo design to these holidays to show people that you are a fun brand. All the other brands are doing it, so don’t be the odd one out.

2- Halloween Themed Favicon:

On top of your browser, see that small icon besides your website title in the tab? That’s the favicon of your website. Just like your logo, you can change it to make it look a little bit spookier. It may seem like a silly idea if you are an overly professional looking brand. But what if I told you that making these few tweaks actually shows your commitment to your audience and your brand? These are the little things that tend to win people’s hearts over time.

3- Tweak Your Online Store Design:

If you have an online store set up, this is another way that you can have fun with the Halloween theme. You can make a few tweaks in your design like spookier fonts and colors. You can even put coffins, spider-webs or other scary things on the corner of your product thumbnails. If that online store is hosted at you own website, you can even use animations on your webpage to really show people that your brand is drenched in the holiday spirit.

4- Hold A Halloween Contest:

Another good idea would be to hold a Halloween themed contest on your social media profiles. You can encourage people to send in their entries of Halloween costumes and pumpkins. You can even ask them to send Halloween themed spooky cakes or other food items. The winner will get a discount, a gift or some other persuasive offer. You can even encourage people to vote for the top 10 entries and you will get tons of engagement. It will improve your search engine ranking and your overall brand awareness.

5- Halloween Hashtags:

If you have a good and loyal follower base, you can use this Halloween marketing idea as well. You can create a hashtag that has a spooky element in it and also your brand. You can then start a tweet or photo contest to encourage people to use your hashtag to share spooky posts or whatever you want them to share. You can then track your followers’ posts with that hashtag and even use some of them (with your followers’ permission, of course) in your brand promotion.

6- Halloween Pranks and Scary Videos:

Video marketing is the best when it comes to getting attention and engagement from your followers. So, since it’s Halloween, you can create a short video of a good and scary Halloween prank or a short horror story. But remember one thing: whatever kind of video you decide to create, make sure that you incorporate your brand in some way. You can use your company’s main office as the haunted place or your products in some creative way. But keep your brand in your video. This way, when people shre your video with their audiences, your brand awareness will increase as well.

7- Give Treats With Purchases:

It may be a little bit costly but it is a good way to make your customers more loyal to your brand. You can give people free treats or gifts with their purchase. Your customers will most likely remember your brand for a long time and they will even tell stories to their friends and family how a brand just gave them something free. It’s a great investment for word of mouth advertisement and for earning loyalty from your customers.


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