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7 Don’ts of Instagram Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 23, 2015 in Instagram Info/ SEO/ Social Media News

Instagram Mistakes

Starting out as a small photo sharing network back in 2010, Instagram has now reached over 300 million user accounts. Instagram is the most engaging social network in term of business marketing. A research proved that business owners get far more interaction from their followers on Instagram than they do on other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Instagram has become the best buddy of business owners if they want to spread their business across the world.

Most of the business owners who are doing social media marketing use Instagram as well. They are vigilant in their efforts in making themselves noticeable on Instagram and gathering more followers. But there are some things that must be avoided if you want to stand out on Instagram and get more followers.

1-Acting Without Strategy:

The worst thing that you could do is throwing uninspiring or useless photos on Instagram and hope that people will find them interesting enough to follow you. You need to have a plan and strategy about what you want to show people that will inspire them to follow you and your brand.

You could show them your office or work space; how your products can be used in routine life; before and after of some new project. It could be anything! You just have to be creative and insteresting because boring stuff will get you nowhere.

2-Posting Similar Stuff:

Posting photos and videos about the same thing over and over will soon bore your followers and you will probably lose them as well. Just diversify your posts and whatever you do, do not let yourself be boring!

3-Being Silent:

Another big mistake that you can do is not being social. If someone comments on your posts, make sure to respond accurately. If it’s a positive comment, thank them or if it’s negative, try for a good-natured and funny response to lighten up the mood. Just do not become a silent spectator. Engage with your followers to assure them that you are a person, not a photo or video manufacturing machine

4-Underestimating Video Posts:

Video marketing will be an extremely popular trend in 2015 and if you are on Instagram then you should definitely learn how to make an effective Instagram video considering the fact that it only allows you 15 seconds to convey your point. Pick up a message that inspires you and you think it will encourage people to follow your brand. Incorporate that message in your video in the best creative way possible and take advantage of the editing tools that Instagram offers. An expressive Instagram video will definitely earn you more followers and it may convert some of your followers into your customers too.

5-Ignoring Hashtags (#):


Hashtags have become really necessary when it comes to social media marketing. You just cannot ignore them now. So, include popular hashtags in your posts to make your posts recognizable across social media networks. The more hashtags, the more you will get engagement from Instagram users.


Making 3 effective and inspiring posts a week is better than seven ineffective, boring and uninspiring posts a week.

7-Posting Too Less:

It is simple logic that if you post very less frequently, people will think that you are not serious or nothing new is happening on your side. Unbelievable as it sounds, this reason also encourages people to unfollow you. Make a schedule carefully and keep your posts to a sound number.


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