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6 Twitter Features for Better User Experience

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 19, 2016 in Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing


Twitter has become one of the most popular and commonly used social media platforms in a very short period of time. Whether we are using Twitter on a personal level or on a professional level, we all know that the impact of this platform is quite powerful in our lives. With the passage of time, Twitter began to lose its mark but it has been working really hard to reach its previous glory and its features are becoming more user friendly than before.

Below is the list of some features which have been around for a time and they can add value to a user’s personal experience on Twitter. Moreover, these features can be a real helping hand for marketers in order to enhance the quality of their marketing campaigns as well.

1. Twitter lists:

Twitter list is more alike a group of accounts with similar interests or stuff. This is a unique feature of Twitter which allows its users to create a list of different accounts based on the activities or interests. No matter you are using twitter for recreational purpose or for the marketing of your brand, this listing feature can work either way for you.

Let me explain how listing actually works. Let’s say that you are a fashion blogger and you promote your channel using twitter account. You can make different sections and categorize your followers in them. For example, you can make a list of your active followers who tweet and respond on regular basis. In this way, it will be easier for you catch up with them.

Similarly, you can make a list of the people who are also fashion bloggers so that you can keep a constant eye on their activities in order to remain competent and competitive.This feature of Twitter is being used by a very small amount of people despite of the fact that it can be a great help for marketers to find better marketing tactics opportunities.

2. Analysis of the profile:

Not so long ago, Twitter enabled its users to analyze their profiles on this platform by visiting analytics.twitter.com. This service enabled users to have a deep insight of their activities. Marketers can use this website in order to understand the trend and expectations of followers. For example, this information can helps marketers to identify what kind of tweets results in high engagement rate. Similarly, least engaged tweets will become visible so that these can be avoided in future for better marketing. This Twitter feature allows businesses to make an informed move in order to style their tweets according to the latest trends and demands of followers.

3. Tweetdeck:

Twitter works differently than other social media networks. Conversations on Twitter take place with a hashtag and this is what makes twitter shine out of the crowd. These hashtags work as a bridge between the people from all over the world who share their interests. This helps users to become a part of a global community which has same interests and likes. This hashtag feature of Twitter allows users to see what others have posted on a topic or what they have tweeted even when they are not following each other.

To make the experience of users even better, Twitter has bought an application with the name of “Tweetdeck” a few years before. This application is supported by Chrome and Mac. This application enables users to filter the information into different columns based on different followers, topics, hashtags etc. This application has made the Twitter experience simplified and time saving.

4. Pinned Tweets:

All of us have heard this saying ‘First impression lasts forever’ and many of us are firm believer of this saying as well. Same goes for the marketing. When a user visits a brand’s page for the first time it is more likely the time when he/she decides to start following the brand or not. The first thing that a visitor sees on any brand’s page is the profile page. That means that the user will get first impression about your brand from the posts and stuff you have shared on your page.

So, as a marketer you should be very careful about the quality of content that you share with others on your timeline. Pinned tweet is a helpful way to get a good first impression. Pinned tweet is the first post/tweet a user sees when he visits your page. The chances of people to view this pinned tweet are higher than any other tweet.

What type of tweet should be your pinned tweet? This depends on your discretion only. However one thing must be considered by all brands i.e. pinned posts should contains catchy and interesting stuff and they should be updated after some time so that visitors don’t get bored.

5. Twitter videos:

It is one of the most valuable features of Twitter but still it’s highly underutilized. Users can make their own videos of short length and share it with others without worrying about 140 characters because videos can deliver the message instantly and more precisely than the limited characters. Businesses can use this feature for a short interaction with their followers. For example, let say you are working in fashion industry and you are getting much appreciation lately. You can use Twitter video option and thank your followers for the appreciation. Or you can share your favorite video in order to start a conversation or interaction with others.

6. Twitter embed options:

It is one of the biggest jobs of marketers to drive the traffic of followers from one platform to another. For example, let’s say your Instagram page has more than 5 million followers and you want them to follow you on Twitter as well. This means you want them to know that your brand is on Twitter as well. For this purpose you need proper measures which can notify them about your existence on Twitter as well.

Twitter understands this need of users and recently Twitter has enhanced the embed options. Previously businesses could only put their Twitter timeline on the d=side of their website page. However now users have many options like Twitter follow button, Twitter DM from anywhere button, Twitter collection of Tweets embed and embed of a periscope share tweet. These new embed options are a great way to grab the attention of your followers on different social media networks and persuade them to come visit your Twitter profile as well.


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