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6 Steps to Your Business Story Facebook Video

By Alex Neil Posted May 03, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

your business story

Social media marketing is quickly becoming more and more video oriented with the rise of different technologies. Every few weeks, there is a new update regarding videos on Facebook. And it is really good news for celebrities and big brands who don’t have a problem with creating high quality content because they have enough resources available that they can afford it.

But it is quite a dilemma for SMBs aka small and medium businesses. They don’t usually have marketing techniques or enough funding to create high quality video that is good in content and to create videos for marketing purpose is a really big challenge for them.

Here is where Facebook comes to the rescue. Apparently, Facebook offers a tool called ‘Your Business Story’ that helps you create a video that conveys good points of your business in an effective way. And it really doesn’t take long at all. Usually, it takes 15 to 20 minutes to create this video while following 6 simple and easy steps!

1-Visit yourbusinessstory.fb.com:

The first step to making your business story video is to visit yourbusinessstory.fb.com and from there it’s a bunch of more steps that are easy to follow as well. Please note that to proceed to step 2, you need to have a Facebook page that you are an authorized admin of. If you do not have a Facebook page, you cannot proceed further.

2-Photos Selection:

Facebook gives you the option of selecting up to 8 photos to incorporate in this video. You can either choose from the photos already existing on your page or you can upload new ones, the choice is yours. Facebook will display these photos by using merging effect to change one photo to the next one smoothly. Choose high quality photos for this purpose because you have a better chance of making this video popular with them.

3-Your 90 Character Story:

Yes, Facebook gives you only 90 characters to briefly explain what your business is all about. So, you better think really carefully before writing down your story if you want to make every word count. These 90 characters begin after the complimentary sentence, “We’re in the business of…” So, your story sentence should match up with this kind of context.

4-Music Selection:

Facebook gives you 4 choices in terms of music and those choices are:

  • Rock
  • Synth
  • Electronica
  • Percussion

You cannot add your own soundtrack as you have to use one of these tracks. They are not really bad, so if you are not too keen on adding a really high quality sound track that fits your business because that will cost you money, these should be good enough.

5-I Agree:

You have to agree with Facebook’s additional terms and policy, claiming that you give Facebook the right to use this video in marketing content for any of its products or programs. If you are not opposed to these terms, click ‘I Agree’ proceed to the final step.

6-A Little Wait:

By clicking ‘I Agree’ you’ve done your work. But Facebook still has to process your video and it takes a little time. Usually about 10 minutes. Wait for it and your video should appear on your Facebook page in a 1:1 aspect ratio which is usually a standard format of videos on social media platforms now.

And that’s it! That is all you have to do to create your business story video. It is not time consuming; it’s authentic and attractive enough and best of all, it doesn’t cost even a single cent!


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