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6 Reasons why your video won’t go viral?

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 12, 2013 in Social Media News/ YouTube


Sometimes it happens that internet video marketing is used as almost the last option, a new brand’s owner thinks about. But, when it finally hits the brain of any business owner, it fills the brain with a lot of questions. Will it work properly and generate on internet vast number of likes and views? Will this video go viral? And if it didn’t work, again the question arises is why? Why didn’t it go viral?

Well, there’s no guarantee and no exact science to prove that any video will go viral, but it’s thought that in spite of good fortune, a lot of factors are involved in making an online video successful. These elements are based on just human interaction’s fundamental principles and if applied correctly, can give significant increment to the impact and engagement as well as sharing of that online video. Here’s a list of some important factors that can resist your video to go viral.

1. Overloaded with information: You filled your video with random data or with too much information. You’ve done a great mistake as requirements of a “viral video” are totally different. Avoid adding and adding message for audience. They don’t need/like it. Remember, the main purpose of a video is to grab the attention of the audience. So chop the message you want to say in half and again chop it in another half. If your every word is counted, you can leave an essence of wanting more for the audience that is a step to a viral video.

2. Lack of emotion, surprise, or fun: A video starts to go viral when the audience watch it their selves and tell to their friends about it as well by sharing via email, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, text, whatever. Point is this, what is the cause that people share a few-minutes clip? Because they’re assured that their friends will like the video, enjoy its fun or be thrilled by it. Make your video reminding who we’re and focus human emotions. They may be anger, ambition, joy, romance, nostalgia, disgust, and all the emotions that can stir our blood.

3. Lack of style: Your video isn’t presented in such a distinctive way that persist the people to remember and share it. The style a video is presented sometimes becomes one of its significant and helpful identifying characteristics to recall it later in audience’s mind. Convey your message in such a surprisingly different style, with an unusual image/statement or with an unexpected outcome, that persist the audience to save the video in their minds later.

4. Lack of required paid media support: You didn’t make easy approach to your video for the audience. It’s very simple to understand that people can’t laugh on a video or share it to their friends if they don’t find it anywhere. One of the secrets behind the top viral videos is proper support of paid media. You can avail the support of paid media in the form of paid aids, video seeding, and paid placements on some awesome blogs, promoted content on social media sites. There’re a lot of video hosting sites including the obvious place of a video, YouTube.

5. Lack of publication, blog, and influencer outreach: You’ve gotten the support of paid media. Great! But there’s another thing for you to do in addition to it. Earned media’s approach is necessary too with paid tactics. It’s is all about pitching or asking some selective writers, bloggers, and influencers to share the video with their social circle.

6. Your strategy of social media sharing is weak: Life and death of a viral video depends on social media sharing of that video. Your entire effort of making a video go viral even can become useless if your social media sharing strategy is weak. Promote your video via social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others. Facebook likes, twitter followers, Google+ votes and others will push your video up if you’ll use this strategy correctly.


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