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6 Pros of Using YouTube for Marketing Your Brand

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 10, 2018 in Social Media Marketing/ YouTube

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You hear everyone saying that the future of content marketing is video. But, the truth is that video marketing is not just the future, it’s already the most rewarding marketing medium. And the social media marketers who do realize this are ready to jump into video marketing for their brand.

However, with video marketing as huge as it is, there are multiple platforms that could come to your aid. You could go with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or YouTube. Right now, YouTube is the biggest video platform and in this post, we are focusing on the good aspects of using it for your brand marketing. But this will be a two part series of articles, so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming article in the next week which will cover the cons of YouTube marketing.

So, without further ado, here are 6 pros of using YouTube for brand marketing.

1- Viral Effect:

YouTube has a huge audience with millions of people logging in daily to watch the latest videos in a variety of genres. People spend hours and hours on YouTube just surfing and watching videos.

It’s also the second largest search engine following behind Google. With over a billion people logging in to the platform monthly, your videos could reach a great number of audience in a very short amount of time. Hence, the viral effect.

In fact, according to Nielsen, YouTube reaches adults of ages between 18 to 34 more than any cable network. So, basically it means that you have a better chance with YouTube marketing than you would have with traditional cable ads.

2- It Will Improve Your Google Search Engine Rank:

Google and YouTube are interlinked. You could search for any topic on Google and if there is a YouTube video regarding that topic, it will pop in the first few search results.

That’s because Google recognizes the potential of video marketing and gives people what they want in the search results. It’s a fact that 65% of people are visual learners and 35% of them are aural learners. Since video combines the two together, you can see how people would respond more to videos than text.

If you have a blog or a website, you could create a YouTube video on the topic you are writing an article about and embed it into the actual text post. Not only will it give your audiences more options, it will also give your content more back links and you are more likely to appear in a Google search.

3- It’s Free:

youtube channel

YouTube is free for everyone to use. You could upload as many videos as you want and grow your channel. The only cost you will have to cover is the funds spent on creating the video itself. And even that could be free if you are creating a video solely based on graphics and royalty free music. But, it would be better if you buy the voice recording equipment and software so that your audiences could hear you explain the topic you are addressing in your video and they will connect to you more.

4- Subscriptions are Common:

If you have a blog or website, you must also have email subscription method, RSS feeds and newsletter subscriptions available for people to sign up for. But, only a few of the site visitors actually sign up for those.
However, on YouTube, people are more likely to subscribe to a channel when they see something they like. They regularly follow multiple, possibly dozens of, channels that they have subscribed for and watch their latest videos.

5- Longevity:

Once you have uploaded a video on YouTube, it’s there permanently, unless you have violated a copyright or deleted the video yourself. It will be sitting there, gathering views from people interested in the topic you made the video on. People could be subscribing to you and visiting your website or blog based on the video you uploaded years ago. That’s how YouTube works and that makes it special.

Unlike text blog posts, people are more likely to share video content they like on the internet. So, you could be gaining more followers and site visitors because of a long forgotten video that you uploaded on YouTube and that’s just amazing, isn’t it?

6- Multiple Sharing Options:

YouTube videos can be shared on any platform. Your videos could be shared by your viewers across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Skype, tumblr, Reddit, Blogger or even through email. So, if you upload a video on YouTube, you could also share it on any social media platform that you market your brand on. It’s not limited to just YouTube. You could even embed it on your website as well.

So, these are the pros of marketing your brand on YouTube. Keep on the lookout for the next post on the topic which will cover the cons of using YouTube for brand marketing.


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