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6 Thing You Should Never Do In Your Instagram Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 19, 2016 in Instagram Info/ Social Media Marketing


In today’s economic environment, social media marketing is the best thing that you can do for the success of your brand. The competition level is at its peak and long term survival without social media marketing has become challenging now.

And if you want results from your social media marketing campaigns, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms out there. It’s unique with easy to use features and filters that will enhance the quality of your photos and videos to make them more attractive to your audience.

Also, with cell phones and tablets being the most used devices, it’s important that your content gets viewed the way it should and Instagram helps with that. For example, when you post a picture of any product it usually covers the full screen of the devices which are being used by the followers. Big images help to draw more attention rather than small images.

If you want to stand out among the other competitors in your field of business, including Instagram in your marketing strategy is one of the best things you could do. If your marketing strategies are strong then you can expect to have good results. The success lies in the right strategies and approaches. So a business should be careful about the things and guidelines that must be or must not be followed in its marketing strategies. In this article I will discuss a lot of things that you should never do when using Instagram as your social media marketing platform.


Instagram is primarily an image sharing platform. Short length videos can also be shared using this platform but the main focus of users remains towards images. Therefore quality of the content is highly important using this platform. Small dimension photos, blurred images and low quality videos are the biggest enemy for a brand because these things will never grab attention of audience resulting in low engagement rate. So never share content with inferior quality on Instagram.


Followers are the real strength and assets of any business in the world. This asset needs to be safeguarded if you (a business) want to grow and remain competitive. The only way to keep your customers or followers stick to your brand is to ‘make them feel important’. As a brand you must acknowledge that there is absolutely no room of ignorance in business-customer relationship. Lack of contact with the audience is the most important reason of failure. Always try to keep your customers satisfied by responding to their queries in the best possible and quick way.


The main objective of marketing is to bring your brand in the lime light and create awareness among the audience. Posting sufficient and appropriate content is the key of success in social media marketing. You should never post more than necessary stuff because it can also bother audience and in the worst case they might lose interest in your brand and un-follow you. Your posts must be evenly spread over time and for this you can use dashboards which help to schedule your posts.


The trend of using hashtags in social media marketing is not something that can be ignored. You must use sufficient amount of hashtags in your post’s caption. Here it is important to remember that as a brand must neither go overboard with the hashtags in the posts nor they should be lacking. Don’t copy other’s hashtags and try to create your own unique hashtags.


Self-review and self-assessment is of utmost importance in the business’s life. In order to remain competitive and successful you must critically review your current strategies. Don’t waste your time on the existing strategies if they are not fruitful. Try to learn from mistakes and don’t hesitate to bring change in marketing strategies whenever needed.


For a business using social media networks, it’s a common problem to face tolling comments or critics. In order to save your reputation you must avoid any harsh response from your side. Never lose patience over such things because these kinds of incidents bring bad image with them. If you see any negative response from a user, try to sort out the real reason behind it. In case of serious complaints from users, respond in the best possible way. However, if you are facing troll comments then all you need to do is ‘delete them’.


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