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6 Cons of Using YouTube for Brand Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 24, 2018 in Social Media Marketing/ YouTube


While a lot of social media marketers are comfortable with marketing their business on almost every platform including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, when it comes to YouTube, they are not so sure. And that’s a genuine concern. YouTube is world’s biggest video platform and it doesn’t work like other social media networks

There are definite pros and cons of using YouTube for brand marketing. As promised in the last article (of the two-part series on this topic) which highlighted the pros of using YouTube for marketing your business, this article will focus on the cons.

So, without further ado, here are the cons that you can expect to face when you are marketing your business using YouTube.

1- Not A Lot of Room for Creative Channel Design:

Yes, you can choose whatever cover photo you want for your channel that can highlight your brand but aside from that and a profile picture, you can’t do much of anything else.

Your channel will look like all the other channels on YouTube. The only difference will be the content you share with your audiences and thumbnails of your videos.

YouTube is focused on keeping itself front and center in people’s mind even when they are watching a video on your channel.

2- Competition Due to Low Cost:

The freedom of uploading a video of whatever you want, whenever you want due to YouTube being a free platform to use was mentioned as a pro in the previous article. Yes, it’s definitely a pro. But it can also be a con if you look at it from another perspective.

There are thousands of YouTube channels that upload content on a regular basis. And there are millions of people who follow a lot of channels. So, no matter how much thought and work went into the video you uploaded on your channel, it could be forgotten the next second people watch a more interesting video.

The point is that there is a LOT of competition, not unlike other social media platforms but on YouTube it feels a lot worse being ignored or forgotten because of the amount of effort it takes to upload a single video.

3- Virality Is Not Guaranteed:

Yes, virality was another pro that was mentioned in the previous article in this series. But, the thing is, you can follow every tip and trick available online to create the perfect video that you think will definitely go viral and it might not work.

There is no guarantee whatsoever that your video will go viral or gather the number of views that you expected it to. You can always buy YouTube views if nothing works because it will certainly give your video the credibility it deserves. It’s still not guaranteed to help you get more views in the future but it will definitely help gain your videos more credibility.


4- Time Consuming:

Being a YouTuber has become a full-time job for a reason. The time it takes to simply think of ideas, create a video and then edit it can take days. Then there is the time it takes to upload the finalized video and fill out the necessary form fields, especially the main description. Usually, it can take up to one hour with a good internet connection to upload a mere 15 minute video.

So, yes. YouTube is really time consuming and that’s not something that on the go marketers with busy schedules can afford most of the time.

5- Low Security:

You can do a Google search for YouTube video downloaders and you can get a few website that don’t cost a thing for people to download YouTube videos. So, even though YouTube condemns downloading videos illegally, people still find ways to do it.

So, there is low security and anyone can download your video through third party websites without you knowing it. They can even upload it on their channel without you noticing it for a long time and make money off of it.

6- The Biggest Hub for Trolls:

It would be an understatement to say that YouTube is notorious for mean comments. It’s crawling with trolls. People leave mean comments for no reason at all. Inappropriate name calling and general abusive and demeaning comments are found even on the nicest of videos.

You shouldn’t listen to what trolls have to say but sometimes it just takes one mean comment to touch a nerve and bring a person’s morale down. If you are planning on marketing your brand on YouTube, you must prepare yourself for the fact that you might face a lot of negativity.


This concludes are two part series documenting the pros and cons of using YouTube for brand marketing. If you have any more points to add that we missed, let us know in the comments down below.


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