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5 Things You Get Wrong About Content Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted May 09, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

content marketing

Social media marketing is progressing really fast but brands often overlook the potential of content marketing. But content marketing has been proven to increase brand awareness, increase leads and overall strengthen brand reputation.

The reason people don’t pay much attention to content marketing is because of their misconceptions. There are several surrounding this particular area of marketing. If you are one of the people who think content marketing will not benefit you somehow, let me clear up a few of the misconceptions for you.

1- Content Marketing will not gain traction:

Many brands bombard their consumers with sales pitches and their service information. People get fed up of that really fast. Instead people want genuine content that will gain their interest and benefit them in one way or another.

As long as you continue to post good quality content that will engage your consumers and get them interested, people will read it. They won’t do it if you just highlight your services and products in the content you produce. Save that for social media posts and ads.

2- People are not interested in Reading anymore:

The second misconception about content marketing is that people will not have time to read it. They will rather scroll through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter news feed instead of reading articles. That is wrong. People still read articles, the only condition being that it is of good quality and actually offers something they want.

marketing ideas

3- Content Marketing will not work for your business:

No matter what niche your business falls in, there is always something to write about. Make a research of what your business entails and what problems people generally face using products or services such as the ones your brand offers. This is a really good place to start and as you go along you will automatically think of new ideas and topics that you need to write about and then use it in content marketing.

4- The results are fast:

The results are not fast. Your content will not be successful overnight. You may get a lot of traffic and views but all of that may count to nothing unless your sole purpose was to generate views and traffic. If your goal is to convert people into your consumers, you will need to patient.

5- It’s too expensive:

Yes, it will cost you money in hiring good content writers, graphic designers and marketers but it’s all worth it in the end when you get to see the results. Also, all of it may be costly but it is less expensive than the amount you will spend on traditional marketing.


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