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5 Ways to Increase Your Youtube Channel Ranking

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 04, 2016 in SEO/ Social Media Marketing/ YouTube

youtube channel ranking

There is no definite channel ranking in Youtube. Its algorithm may be weird but it can be understood by taking into account its search parameters. Normally when Youtube gives search results it consists of the following two things:

  • The actual phrasing of the search query. It tries to pull up the exact match and if there is none, it pulls out the next best thing. This phrase matching is usually with the title, tag or description of the video.
  • There can be three types of content in the search results: actual video, channel name or playlists.

Another thing to take into account is that the search results on Youtube are almost always according to the users’ preferences. The entire home page consists of the recommendations to the users according to their previously search queries or watched videos.

Even when they search for something, the first preference will be the videos that they have watched before or that are from their subscribed channels. And if none of them matches, then that’s when you have a chance of making it to the search results through optimization.

Youtube Video Ranking Factors:

There is no channel ranking but the videos that you post will determine the popularity of your channel. The more interaction on a video, the better its ranking. Aside from keywords, tags and description, there are four more things that factor hugely in ranking a video on Youtube.

  • Views: The more people who stick around to watch your video, the better. Remember, unlike Facebook, Youtube is very picky about what counts as a view. People who just go from one video to another within a few seconds do not count as views.
  • Comments: From my experience as a Youtube user, I’ve observed that comments on Youtube are a horrible mess. There are so many negative comments that it’s hard to find the good ones. But they are still comments and comments mean popularity. So, get as many comments as you can.
  • Sharing: Number of people sharing your video increases the popularity of your video as well.
  • Thumbs Up: If your video has a high Thumbs Up to Thumbs Down ratio, it will have a better ranking.

Make a lot of videos and get them to work for you so that the visibility of your Youtube channel may increase in search results. If you stop making videos, your ranking will go down.

Text Optimization:

Give your profile the SEO treatment. You can put in keywords in different places to optimize your channel. These places are:

  • Channel Name (usually the brand name that describes your channel)
  • Channel Description (Write it like you would write a meta description with 100-250 words)
  • Video Titles (You can add keywords in the video titles as well but do not use them unnecessarily)
  • Video Description
  • Video Tags (You can include a lot of tags in your videos. The character limit is 500 but use only relevant tags. Otherwise you will come off as a spammer)

Create Playlists:

Think of a topic in your niche that will need multiple (ideally short) videos and then make a playlist. It is a really great way to make people interested and they can watch all the videos in a sequence without having to search for the next part. You can also drop various tags in each video to make it more optimized for search engine.

Cross Promote Across Other Social Media Platforms:

If you have a Youtube channel, chances are that you have a Facebook page or Twitter profile too. Use them to your advantage and share as much of your videos on other platforms as possible because at the end of the day, they will increase the views of your Youtube videos and it will, in turn, increase the popularity of your channel.

End Cap of the Video:

youtube endcap

A more efficient way of promoting your videos is to use end caps in your videos. An end-cap is a 10 to 30 second clip at the end of the video in which you usually thank the viewers for watching their video and then you can direct them to two of your videos that are relevant to the one that they just watched. It will get people interested and they may check out those videos as well.

These are just a few key points in which you can increase the ranking of your Youtube channel. Make more and more videos and continue to promote them. Make sure that the content you post is well researched and high quality so that you can get more views, more thumbs up, more comments and more shares. All of them, in the end, increase the ranking of your Youtube channel.


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