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5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty through Social Media

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 10, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

brand loyalty

Before we go on to looking at ways in which you can increase your brand loyalty through social media, let’s first understand the proper definition of the term. Brand loyalty is when people choose your brand’s products over another brand. They recommend your products to the people in their social circle. Brand loyalty is what brings in-door customers, website traffic and increase word-of-mouth recommendations. It directly impacts the profits your brand can gain.

A decade ago, television, radio and print media ads were what really improved brand loyalty. But now social media is the real game changer. In the last few years, with the spread of social media and smartphones, it has become easier for brands and customers to communicate with each other. So, it is a great opportunity for brands to use for their advantage.

There are a lot of ways brands can use social media to increase their brand awareness and loyalty. Here are a few of the most popular ways you can build brand loyalty through social media:

1- A Compelling Story:

People like to follow brands they believe in. What better way to make them believe in your brand than to tell them your story that compels them to follow you. If you are a personal brand, your story should have a more personal and heart-touching feel to it. It’s amazing how people overlook your flaws if they are truly your fans. If you are a brand that sells quality products, tell people how you came into business; how you wanted to create the very best products in your industry and make people want to try your products. If they like your products, they will stay true to your brand. A good brand should have quality products or services and a compelling story to go with it.

2- Engage With Your Followers:

When your followers comment and engage with your posts, let them know that you have noticed them. You can like the comment, reply to it, favorite the tweet, retweet it or engage with them some other way. Nobody likes to engage with an automated profile. Take out an hour or so from your day for social media engagement. If you make this your habit, before long, you will have a community that is loyal to your brand. But, keep in mind that engagement alone won’t win you any favors. You have to provide good quality products, services or posts that keep your followers coming back for more.

3- Follow Them Back:

It may feel strange to follow your followers but it’s a great way to build brand loyalty. All the great brands and celebrities do it. In fact, brands who don’t follow at least some of their followers are deemed snobbish. So, it’s always a good strategy to follow some of your followers on Twitter or Instagram. You can choose those followers randomly or you could choose them based on their level of engagement to your brand.

4- Use Live Broadcasts:

With so much options for live broadcasts now like Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope, Youtube Live and so on, live videos are now a huge part of social media marketing. Some brand make random live broadcasts whenever they feel like it. Some choose to do it on the same day of each week or month. This is a great way to build a relationship with your customers. In fact, this can be a great opportunity for you to be the best at customer care (brands with great customer care stay the longest). One of the best things about live broadcasts is that you don’t need to worry about editing the video and we all know what a time consuming task editing can be.

5- Reward Your Loyal Customers:

People live for the appreciation whether it’s in their personal life or professional one. They feel great when they get rewarded for something spontaneously. If some customer or follower catches your eye that is super loyal to your brand, send them a gift, give them a special discount or reward them some other way. More often than not, those people that you reward for their loyalty will spread word about it and in turn, your brand loyalty will increase even more.


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