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5 Unorthodox Ways of Growing Instagram Following

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 25, 2017 in Instagram Info/ Social Media Marketing


Instagram is the fastest growing social media network and is predicted to have far more monthly active users than Facebook if it continues to grow at this rate. Not only is it rapidly growing, it also offers 10 times the engagement rate that Facebook has. With 200 million daily active users and over 700 million monthly active users, Instagram is a force to be reckoned with in the social media marketing world.

The key to growing your Instagram following is just like any other platform. You need to balance out your creative posts and promotional advertisements. If you use this platform the right way, you could end up with an effective medium for showcasing your products and services while subtly encouraging your followers to buy them.

While there are tons of different tips and tricks to increase your Instagram following, they all tend to become repetitive. If you have tried them all and not gotten the results you wanted, here are a few unorthodox ways that you can use to grow your Instagram following.

1- Avoid Using Banned Hashtags:

Just like Facebook is filtering fake news and spam posts, Instagram is also filtering the content shared on the platform. It has a dynamic list of banned hashtags that prevent a post from showing up in the search results. Even if you think that some hashtag is really innocent and can’t possibly be banned, think again. There are quite a few unacceptable images that have some innocent hashtags attached to them and Instagram is doing everything in its power to remove those posts.

A good way to know if a hashtag is safe to use is to search for it in the Instagram search bar. If you get a lot of posts in the top and recent tabs, the hashtag is safe to use. If not, you will have better luck avoiding using it.

2- Play Around With Your Bio:

This is the profile section that people often underestimate the power of. You get 160 characters to properly showcase what your profile is all about. Yes, it’s a short text limit which means that you need to be creative about it. Be personal and persuasive when telling people who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve. Tweak it every few days to see which one works for you and gets you more followers.

3- Choose a Good Instagram Name:

Yes, your Instagram username and your Instagram profile name can be different. To make things clear, the username will be something like @username (without any spaces) while your profile name can start without the ‘@’ and can have spaces. Choose your profile name wisely to reflect your brand and your niche. You can change it as you will while your username stays the same. Your profile name will play a huge role in getting more followers because it is the first things people get attracted to.

4- Instagram Pods:

Removal of chronological posts was something that Instagrammers fount frustrating and they set about to find a solution. What they came up with is something called ‘Instagram Pods’. Pods are basically a group of 10 to 15 Instagrammers who have similar niches and audiences. The way it works is that when someone in the group uploads a new post, they share it in the group. Then other group members like and comment on it. The posts gets engagement and thus starts featuring in the news feed of their followers. You can create your own pod or you can join an existing one to start using this hack.

5- Setup A Giveaway:

Contests or giveaways are always a good way to attract more followers, increase your mailing list and raise brand awareness. Make sure that you set a goal in mind about what you want as a result like more engagement, sales or just overall content sharing. Pick the prize carefully keeping in mind the common interest of your targeted audiences. Since Instagram runs on hashtags, you need to think of an interesting and unique hashtag as well that will define your contest.


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