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5 Tools to Simplify Instagram Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted May 23, 2017 in Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

Instagram tools

If you are one of the smart business owners, you must be using Instagram in your social media marketing strategies. But the question is: Are you getting the most out of what Instagram has to offer?

Creating an account on Instagram and getting a good follower base is a good start but the real struggle comes after that. You have to entertain your previous followers as well as get new ones. Sometimes it can be really frustrating. But what if you had the tools to make everything run much smoother?

Here are some of the tools that will really save up a lot of your time and effort in your Instagram marketing campaign.

1- Crowdfire:

The first thing that you need to manage is your followers and Crowdfire will let you do just that. It nicely categorizes your followers into five sections:

  • Non-Followers: People that you follow but they don’t follow you back
  • Copy Followers: People who follow the same accounts that you follow
  • Fans: People who follow you but you don’t follow them back
  • Who Unfollowed Me: People who have unfollowed you since you linked your Instagram to Crowdfire
  • Who Followed Me: People who have followed you recently

You can see how these categories will help you tidy up your Instagram account and grow your follower base. You can use this application on web or on your mobile depending on your choice.

2- SocialInsight:

Instagram offers its own analytics and that is really good. But if you want a more in depth analysis with a lot more features, check out SocialInsight. This is a web based application with the ability to be linked to as many Instagram accounts as you want and the navigation between those accounts is really easy.

The key features included in this app are:

  • Best time to post (depending on your previous post and engagement history)
  • Detailed report with over 28 analytical data points
  • Link as many accounts as you want and then navigate between them easily
  • New features come in every month

Really, what more could you want from an insights tool?

3- latergram.me:

It’s really hard to find free time to post every other hour and sometimes you forget to post. Latergramme will help you in this regard. You can schedule future posts really easily using this app at your own free time.

What this app will do is notify you when the scheduled time comes and you can approve that post and the app will publish it. It’s really that simple. Also, this notification will serve as a reminder to engage with your followers who interact with the post.

Key features included in this app are:

  • Plan and Schedule future posts
  • Search around the web for interesting posts and repost them
  • You can also add other people from your social media team to this app too

This app will really make posting on Instagram a breeze. It’s a must have tool in 2016.

4- BestBuddies:

Have you ever wondered which one of your followers is your biggest fan? BestBuddies will give you your top 10 followers and how many posts of yours have they liked.

This will be good for you in two ways. One, you can see what kind of people like your brand more. Are there more women or men? What are their interests? You can then identify your target audience.

Secondly, if your business is looking for influencers, this will help you a lot. Maybe one or two of your top 10 followers are influencers in their own circle. BestBuddies really has great potential.

5- SocialRank:

Want to test out the results provided by BestBuddies and see if the top ’liker’ is actually your biggest fan or not? SocialRank will help you do that and more.

How it works is that it imports your most engaged followers and shows you in an alphabetized list. You can also search for specific hashtags that you used and how much engagement it got. You also search for followers from a specific geographic location.

All of this information will help you determine your target audience for a better Instagram marketing campaign. Another good thing about this app is that it can connect to your Twitter account as well and you can see if your Instagram followers are your followers on Twitter too.


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