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5 Tips On How to Stand Out On Instagram in 2015

By Alex Neil Posted Mar 11, 2015 in Instagram Info/ Social Media News

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Most of the business owners all over the world now know that Instagram is their best buddy if they want to promote their business across the world. Instagram has proved itself to be the best in getting interaction from customers. If you have not joined Instagram already then I suggest that you look at the reasons why you would benefit if you use Instagram in your business strategy.

Once you have joined Instagram, you have to be vigilant in your efforts to make your business popular. You cannot just expect Instagram to work in your favor if there is no effort on your side. Also, with each passing year, social media platforms are changing their schemes and algorithms. So, it seems only logical that things that were working for you in 2014 may not work for you in 2015. So here is a list of things that will definitely work for you this year if you want your business to stand out on Instagram.

Post Regularly but Comfortably:

Most of the top brands on Instagram post less than 10 times per month while on the other hand, some brands post 10 to 20 times a month. Basically, the point is that you can post how many times you want. Whatever number works for you while you remain comfortable and do not feel pressured is the best for you. Competition is good but stressing yourself too much over it will eventually cost you.

Get More Acquainted With Instagram Videos:

Video marketing will be an extremely popular trend in 2015 and if you are on Instagram then you should definitely learn how to make an effective Instagram video considering the fact that it only allows you 15 seconds to convey your point. Pick up a message that inspires you and you think it will encourage people to follow your brand. Incorporate that message in your video in the best creative way possible and take advantage of the editing tools that Instagram offers. An expressive Instagram video will definitely earn you more followers and it may convert some of your followers into your customers too.

Take Advantage Of Clickable Instagram Ads:

Instagram recently announced carousel ads that let you link your website to the ad that you place on Instagram. Take advantage of those to build or increase the traffic on your website or blog.

Don’t Forget Hashtags (#):


Hashtags have become really necessary when it comes to social media marketing. You just cannot ignore them now. So, include popular hashtags in your posts to make your posts recognizable across social media networks.

Get Inspired:

If you get inspired by an Instagram post, don’t be shy to act on it. Make your post based on that inspiration with a twist on it. And when you post it, do not forget to credit the source that you got inspired from. You will not believe the connections that you can make this way. Building relationship on social media platforms is the best way to go.

Last but not the least, if you’re doing all of the above mentioned things, do not forget to share your posts on other social media channels. If you have more than one social media platforms in your marketing campaign, don’t post the same stuff on all of them. It may irritate your most loyal followers who follow you on your every social media channel.


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