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5 Tips for Keeping Your Instagram Followers for Good

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 30, 2017 in Instagram Marketing

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So, you’ve gathered a lot of Instagram followers but are struggling with earning their loyalty and support? That’s a dilemma that most of the social media marketers face and it’s a genuine concern. If you don’t know how to keep your followers interested, you will end up losing them after a few weeks or months. As a brand, you certainly don’t want that to happen. What you need is that you keep your existing followers with your brand while also getting more and more people to follow you.

You can achieve that by following a few simple tips. Some of them you may already know while some may be new to you but either way, these tips have proven to be really useful in earning Instagram followers’ loyalty.

1- Make Your Bio Persuasive:

Don’t make false promises in your bio section. You need to make your bio persuasive but not at the cost of your honesty. People can’t be loyal to someone they don’t trust. So, while you do need to make your bio enticing, don’t make the mistake of lying about your brand. Work with you have. Tell people exactly what they will get from your brand if they follow you on Instagram. But, do it in a way that will make them want to do it. You can even sweeten the deal by offering a little something in return. But that’s just for getting followers. If you want to keep them there, keep on reading.

2- Give Them What They Want:

One sure way to give your followers what they want is to think from their perspective. You need to figure out your target audience and then you need to place yourself in their shoes. What would you want from a brand in your niche if you were following them? Think about it carefully and then build your Instagram marketing strategy based on that analysis.

Notice how I said ‘Instagram marketing strategy’ instead of social media marketing? That’s because each and every social media platform is different from the other and you need to create different strategy for each one of them. You can’t build a universal strategy and implement it on all of them.

3- Ask For Feedback:

brand loyalty

A good way to know what your followers want is to ask for their feedback. You can ask them point blank what they think of your certain product or service and how you can improve them. There will be positive feedback and there will definitely be negative feedback. Make sure you thank the former and respond carefully to the latter. Tell them that you value their input by implementing the changes they are requesting for in your brand. This is the best way to gain your followers’ trust and earn their loyalty.

4- Be Authentic:

When people are trying to become different from everybody else out there, they often lose perspective of who they actually are. They are pretending to be someone they are not and while they may not think so, it shows through in their social interaction. Different and unique is good but if you are not being yourself, it will come to bite you in the long run. People relate more to those brands who are genuine and not trying to be something they are not.

5- Tell Them How Your Brand Will Change Their Life:

You can make countless posts informing the features and benefits of your products or services. You may think that people will automatically understand what’s in it for them but you probably will be wrong. People need to be reminded how the benefits of using your products or services will change their lives. Obviously, if you are selling something, it will be for solving a certain problem. For example, if you are selling a peeler, you need to remind people of the fact that it will decrease their time in the kitchen which will leave more time for the family. These kind of reminders will work in your favor in getting more sales. It will also show your followers that you care about their personal needs and it may even make you an authority figure in your niche.


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