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5 Tips for Adapting to Instagram’s New Algorithm Based Feed

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 11, 2016 in Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing


Now that Instagram has changed its news feed from chronological to algorithm based, things are getting stressful for the brands who depended on Instagram’s no filer policy. Before, each one of their posts had a spot in their followers’ news feed if they scrolled down enough but now, only those posts which are good (have more likes and comments) are going to be in their followers’ feeds instead of all the posts.

But the good news is that even if it’s become difficult reach your followers, it does not mean that it’s impossible. You just have to keep courage and follow some tricks that will help you make your space in the news feed of your followers.

1-Follow a Post Schedule:

On Instagram, quantity of your posts makes a huge difference in making it to the news feed. If you post infrequently, you have to change that in order to get noticed. Make a schedule while considering two things:

  1. Number of posts per day
  2. Timing of the posts

Timing does matter. You don’t want to make several posts at a time because your followers are from all over the world with different time zones. Some are available at one time while some are online at other, so decide carefully. Once you make a plan, you better stick to it. Instagram probably tracks your activity just like Facebook does on its fan-pages. So, if you have a regularly active profile, you have a better chance of keeping yourself popular on Instagram.

2-Make Engaging Posts:

Days of snapping whatever photo you can think of are gone. The sooner you accept it, the better it will result for you. Now you have to give your posts a great deal of thought just like you do for your Facebook posts. Will it get people to react? Will it excite them? Keeping that in mind, make posts that grip the audience at first glance. Use graphic images and photos to attract audience. Once they are attracted, they are more likely to like and comment on your posts.

3-Use Hashtags to Your Advantage:

Don’t forget to use popular and relevant hashtags in your posts. They are really useful in getting you a place in the search results if people search in those categories. But do not overdo them because it gets annoying real quick.

4-Add Some Personal Touch:

You must have realized in your life that most of the people are nosy and they want to know your personal matters. This thing applies especially on Instagram. Keep your people entertained by posting some personal experiences and happenings. But in doing so, keep in mind that your posts should be relative to your page topic. Some behind the scene photos, your team working on a project or having fun together are some examples of this personal touch I’m talking about.

People like this kind of stuff and they will get a chance to connect with you which works in your favor because it would increase your chances of getting more likes and comments. Keep in mind that, the posts with lots of likes and comments are considered quality posts on Instagram now.

5-Make Your Followers Your Priority:

Keep in mind that what you post should be based upon what your followers would like to see. Get yourself on their level and think what would interest you more. By doing this, you’ll get an idea as to what would get more popularity among your followers. Remember, people won’t care about your posts and move on unless you give them a reason to do otherwise.

DO NOT Push Your Followers:

These days, people on Instagram are getting thoroughly annoyed by brands and other people asking them to turn the notifications on for their profile so that they can be notified every time they post a photo or video. My advice for you is to NOT do that! Instead of pushing people to turn on their notifications, make your posts so interesting that people have no other choice but to turn their notifications on.


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