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5 Things Social Media Marketers Need To Know About Instagram Ads

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 19, 2015 in Facebook Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

Instagram Ads

Most of the business owners all over the world now know that Instagram is their best buddy if they want to promote their business across the world. With around 400 million users, Instagram has proved itself to be the best in getting interaction from customers. If you have not joined Instagram already then I suggest that you look at the reasons why you would benefit if you use Instagram in your business strategy.

Once you have joined Instagram, you have to be really consistent in your efforts in order to make your business stand out on Instagram. For that you have to be very careful about which photos and videos you post on your Instagram profile.

But even after following all the great tips available online for Instagram marketing, if for some reason you cannot seem to get the results that you want, you might want to invest some dollars into your marketing campaign.

Instagram ads are the best when it comes to social engagement. If you do not know how Instagram ads work, here are a few things that you might want to know:

Different Ad Formats Are Available:

There are multiple ad formats available on Instagram. Three, to be exact.

1- Photo ads:

In these ads you can put a single image that best describes your service or brand in a way that will appeal to people.

2-Video Ads:

If you think that you can best describe your service or brand through a video, Instagram allows you to post a 30 second video in your ad.

3-Carousel Ads:

In carousel ads, you can put multiple images that describe various services, products or whatever you want to tell your customers.

Call-To-Action Buttons:

If you have used Instagram, you know that Instagram does not allow you to put links in your posts. The only place where you can put a link is in your bio section. If you want to drive traffic to your website from Instagram then this must have been a constant problem for you.

But Instagram ads solve this issue. Instagram ads allow you to put a call-to-action button in your ads that will take your followers to your website. This option is available in all ad formats. You can also direct your followers to install apps directly from image and video ads. This option isn’t available in carousel ads.

More Engagement, More Exposure:

If you have advertised your brand on Facebook, you already know that Facebook ads get more exposure to public if it has a high click-through rate. That is because Facebook truly wants people to see the ads that are relevant to their interests. Since Facebook owns Instagram, the same is true for Instagram ads as well.

The more your ad on Instagram is clicked by people, the more people it will be exposed to. Sounds simple enough, right?

Specific Audience Targeting:

Facebook allows you choose your audience not only based on age, gender and location but on their interests as well. That really narrows down the people that you want to target through your ads. Thanks to the fact that Facebook owns Instagram, same is true for Instagram ads as well. You can target the people very specifically.

Overall Cost:

In general, Instagram ads have a higher CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rate than that of Facebook ads. This should be taken into consideration when getting into Instagram ad campaigns.

Before you dip your toes in the sea of Instagram ads, take the above things into account and see if it fits your requirements of what you want in your ad campaign. If it does, dive into it!


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