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5 Things Successful Social Media Marketers Will Do in 2016

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 23, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing

social media marketing 2016

Social media is an ever-changing aspect of the internet. It changes from year to year, month to month or even week to week. These changes have a huge impact on social media marketing and they keep both small and large businesses and brands on their toes in order to be successful.

What worked for them two, three or even a year ago may not work in 2016. With so many changes and new things introduced in 2015, social media marketing will be really different in the coming year. Here is a look at what small businesses should do in 2016 if they want to be successful.

1-Live Video Streaming:


Live video broadcast is one of the huge things that were introduced in 2015. First Meerkat and then Periscope by Twitter, people used them to reach out to their audience in a better way. Customer service and Q/A sessions were never better, especially with Periscope because of real time video streaming without any lag. Facebook verified celebrities were able to connect with their fans via Facebook Mentions.

So, if used correctly, live video streaming will be a great way for business marketers to connect with their audience in 2016.

2-Collaborating With Influencers:

Look out for influencers in your niche and then reach out to them. Comment on their posts and get noticed by them in a positive way. Once you have established a relationship with them, ask them to mention you in your posts or spread word about you if they haven’t done it already.

This approach really works. You can even visit the blogs that are about your field of business and leave meaningful comments. Ask them to feature you in their blog interview or some other blog post. It really does bring out results.

3-Social Media Advertising:

Twitter QUick Promote

If you haven’t already done it, it is time for you to seriously consider it. Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms have really good advertising programs with really accurate filters for you to choose from so that you would be able to narrow down your audience according to their location, age, gender, field of interests and many more options.

If these advertisements are very creatively thought out and created, they might get noticed by people and they might visit your website and buy your products and services. So think about a good social media advertising platform, set aside a budget and get on to advertising your business this year.

4-The Power of Persuasion

Tried and true in the past years, it will hold its significance in 2016 too. People want to be persuaded with special treatment. They want to feel important to others. Offer them special deals and coupons so that they become your customers.

If you don’t have the budget to make every customer happy, bring up a contest. Ask them a question and if they answer correctly, choose one person through lucky draw or something and send them the prize. You may get tons of loyal and engaging customers this way.

5-Flexibility is the Key:

Last but not the least, you will have to be flexible. Like it was in 2015, this year will bring about a series if new changes as well. Social media platforms will introduce new logarithms, updates and even new features. You will have to adapt and use them in your social media marketing strategies as well. Because if you don’t, you will be left behind.

These are just a few things that you have to focus on in 2016 if you want to become a successful social media marketer and bring your brand to a whole new level of popularity.


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