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5 Steps For Including Live Streaming In Your Marketing Strategy

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 20, 2016 in Social Media Marketing

live stream

We all know well the importance of video marketing in our marketing strategy. Video marketing enables audience to understand the real purpose of business and its activities. In addition to this, video marketing clearly conveys your message to your audience.

Live streaming is an extension of video marketing actually. Or you can say it is an enhanced and better version of video marketing because it provides you a chance to interact with your existing customers and potential customers personally in real time. Live streaming is highly in trend nowadays with the popularity if Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live and the results it is generating in terms of engagement rate are really off the charts.

A lot of businesses realize the positive impact of live streaming on their activities therefore it is becoming part of their marketing strategies. As a business, if you are not considering live streaming to be part of your marketing strategy then let me tell you that you are probably on the wrong track. Because it is the need of hour to incorporate live streaming in your marketing plan so that you do not lose your marketing share to your competitors.

I’m going to share some steps that must be considered while incorporating live streaming in your marketing plans.

Step 1- Ensure your business really needs live streaming:

This is the most important thing to do if you are considering getting on board. First of all, try to understand whether live streaming will help you in achieving your ultimate goal or not. Figure out whether this will help you gain or maintain a competitive edge or not. There is no point of starting live streaming if it is not a right fit for your business. Rationally think about the advantages and disadvantages that you might face with this new addition and then make your decision.

If you decide to make it part of your marketing plan then in the next step you must identify your target audience and what type of content you will be presenting. The results of your choice will be highly dependent on these factors.

Step 2- Promote your live event:

There is absolutely no point of live streaming if your target audience is not aware that you are planning to interact with them through live streaming. To attract and engage audience with your live streaming activity, promotion of the event is mandatory. You can use different mediums for this. For example you can send emails or texts to your audience in order to inform them. Or you can use your social media accounts to do the same. I bet this option will be more safe and convenient because you will get to know how your audience reacts.

Add small details about the event in your promotional message. For example, tell you audience about time, day and topic and encourage them to personally ask about rest of the details. The promotion must be started at least two weeks before the planned date. In the meantime, send little memos to gear up your audience’s excitement level.

Step 3- Get ready for lights, camera and action (Quality):

Quality is the most important factor in the live streaming sessions. Serve your audience with best quality service. There are different aspects of quality that must be of your focus.

For example, we all know that it’s an era of HD. Low quality videos don’t get that much appreciation and response. High resolution videos with good sound effects are more appealing and entertaining. After the video quality and surround quality, the most important thing is that must be considered is that the presenter is highly capable. They should know what they are talking about and should considerate the main purpose of their live streaming. Don’t forget that audience will be engaging with your presenter so it should be an entertaining experience for both of the parties.

Step 4- Follow up with your viewers:

Try to interact with your customers even after the live streaming. For example you can ask for their opinion about how the event went. Or you can make them suggest ways which will help you to enhance the quality of your work.

There is another thing that will help you to follow up with your viewers i.e. you can make a summary of your event in written form or in form of a short video which obviously contains highlights of the full event. In this way you can interact with those people who could not manage to be a part of your live session.

This simple step of yours will convey a positive message that you care about your audience and you make efforts to make them happy plus it will also attract potential customers and they might participate in your next live session.

Step 5- Re-purpose your broadcast:

Use different types of content and reshape your message that you were delivering during your live session. For example you can generate different slides consisting on the activities that were part of your live event. In this way you can address with different users who prefer to use different sources of information other than blog posts and videos. This option will give you exposure to those mediums which are not video based and you can engage audience on those mediums as well.

After analyzing the latest trend, it is not wrong to say that live streaming wave will strongly hit the future marketing plans of business. It will be a very powerful tool in the marketing strategy for businesses who want to succeed in social media marketing.


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