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5 Steps Guide to Success in the Digital Age

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 10, 2016 in Social Media Marketing

5 steps guide to success

In this digital era those businesses which are based on digitalized information have become powerful and valuable. It is said that these companies understand their consumers really well. In order to remain profitable in this digital age, I am going to discuss steps which are said to be the foundation of success.

Step 1. Identification of mission And setting KPI’s:

In order to set a successful digital marketing strategy, set the ultimate goal for your business. At this stage you will have to identify the real purpose of your existence as a business and you will be required to make it clear where you want to see your business at a certain period of time. After this, set key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business that will help to ensure that the strategies are executing in the right direction.

Another important task at this stage is to identify your right and targeted audience. Moreover, you must be aware of the needs, wants and expectations of your customers that associate with your business.

Step 2. Formation of company’s online asset:

First of all design company’s official website where you, as a business, could convey the information related to your business and activities to the users. In other words, let the audience know about your current activities and your future plans.

Provide your customers with a platform where they can post their queries and comments and integrate this platform with your CRM. Make sure your website is user friendly so that visitors could visit any time and get the relevant information that can fulfill their needs.

Step 3. Choose a suitable marketing strategy:

In order to design a marketing strategy, first of all you need to realize where you want to be and set your goal.  Then make your brand recognized by sharing contents about your business on different platforms. While forming your marketing strategy, make sure that this strategy will positively help you in the achievement of your ultimate goal or mission.

Step 4. Selecting marketing channels:

This is the most important step for all the businesses: to identify and choose the marketing channels that you will be using e.g. online search engines, paid marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing etc. Here the selection will be based on the resources available with businesses and budgets allocated for marketing expense.  Allocate a specific portion of budget for each marketing channel and then review the performance of each channel periodically using KPI’s.

This will help you to understand which marketing channel is best suitable for your business and which channel is engaging highest number of customers. If this review identifies a channel that is not bringing expected results, then you should reconsider your investment decision in that particular channel.

Step 5. Monitor your marketing strategy:

Last but not the least step is to monitor your marketing strategy on constant basis so that you could realize whether you are on the right track or not. The best advantage of digital marketing strategy is that you can modify your strategy if it turns out to be a white elephant. In case you are not getting desired results there, try to identify the reason and then eliminate that reason. In extreme case, modify your marketing strategy if needed.


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