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A 5-Step Guide for Selling on Social Media

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 11, 2016 in Social Media Marketing

social media

We all know the importance of social media and its use in our daily lives. The use of social networks for business’s marketing activities is not a secret now. Almost every business and brand owns a page or an account on different platform to create an awareness of their brands.

For marketing purposes, the use of social media is quite useful and it surely influences the revenue. However, if we want to sell our products and services using social media then currently, it is not a piece of cake. The reason is that people don’t really feel like buying on social platforms.

In this article, we will try to understand a five-step process which will help brands to use their social network profiles and accounts for generating sales revenues. The five step process is called PRISM which is an abbreviation of People, Relationships, Inbound traffic, Subscribers and Social Retargeting and Monetization.

1. People:

For every brand which is using social media networks, targeting the right audience is the real key of success. Attracting audience towards your brands and activities is a really tough job for marketers and it is the most time consuming step. Attracting the right audience and getting their response is the first step in order to generate sales revenue.

There are different ways which can help brands to identify whether they are using their efforts in the right way and whether their activities are playing role to gain audience attentions. For example, Twitter has given its users access to a website i.e. analytics.twitter.com. This website enables brands to analyze their activities and audience’s responses.

2. Relationships:

The kind of relationship you (brand) have with your audience is the most important factor that can either increase the sales revenue or make it less. Building a strong and active relation with target audience is the real job for marketers. Following are some ways that can help to form and maintain a good and strong relation with target audience.

Quality of contents and stuff that you share with your audience plays a great role in forming a good relationship with the audience. If you are sharing interesting stuff and your posts contains eye catchy content then it is more likely that it will attract others and ultimately this attraction will lead to high engagement rate and followers.

Similarly if your content is helpful for others in any way then it is can also lead them to follow your page and become part of your followers/customers community. Interacting regularly and timely with followers and customers is another way to make your relationship strong and long lasting.

3. Inbound traffic:

Inbound traffic is about attracting social media users towards your website where sale process will actually take place. This step is quite technical because this is where you need to use the right tactics and techniques of marketing that will eventually turn your followers into your customers.

Here it is important to understand that in order to increase the traffic on your website you need to offer something worthy to your followers and other social media users. For example, if your social media marketing contains a discount offer then it increases the chance that more people will visit your website. More traffic means more chances of high sales revenue.

social media ads

4. Subscribers and social retargeting:

Analyzing the interests of those who visited your website and then tracking them by keeping in contact constantly is one of the most important things that businesses need to do. For this purpose, you can ask your visitor to fill a form when they make their very first visit to your website. For those visitors who fill the form and agree to receive a newsletter by email, send them email on regular whenever you have something new to offer. Email marketing is a very important channel in online marketing of brands.

For those users who did not subscribe, deeply analyze their areas of interests using different tools and try to attract them again on social media.

5. Monetization:

The fifth step is a very important step in the process of increasing sales revenue. In this step you have to use customized strategies and customized advertisements for email subscribers and non-subscribers after doing a detailed analysis about their interests. Audience’s interests and their preferences are different therefore this step is quite tricky for marketers because they need to come up with different ideas for different people.

For example, a visitor visited your website and saw the clothing area whereas another visitor showed interest in the books section. For the first visitor, the follow up email or newsletter must contain information about the new stock of cloths and the discounts your website is offering on those products. However for the second visitor, the newsletter must have information about the latest editions of books and other offers on books. Similarly for non-subscribers, different strategy will be needed to attract them and retarget them again.

Although social media networks are more useful for marketing and endorsement of your brand and they provide less value in achievement of high sales revenue. However if you still want to take a chance then you need to make sure that this five step process PRISM is efficient.


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