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5 Social Media Customer Care Rules to Adopt Immediately

By Alex Neil Posted Nov 16, 2016 in Social Media Marketing

social media

While most of the businesses have been using social media for their marketing purposes for quite some time now, it’s evolved much more than that. According to a research by JD Power, 67% of the customers now prefer social media over phone calls for customer services. If they need help about something, they are more likely to contact the brand through social media than by other traditional means like phone call or email.

What this means for social media markets is that they need to up their games. They need to dedicate a person or a team that deals with customer side of things so that the consumers are satisfied with the brand. While appointing that team, there should be a set of rules that they need to follow and those rules are listed down below.

1- Give Your Customer Ways to Reach Out to You:

While this may seem obvious to many business owners, there are some brands out there who don’t follow this rule. You may have noticed that some Facebook pages don’t accept comments. Some YouTube channels disable the comments so that people don’t leave negative feedback.

While this can avoid being attacked by trolls, this also closes the doors for people who genuinely have an issue that they want resolved or people who have something nice to say. Always give your followers the opportunity to say what they want. If you don’t want to be trolled, you have the option to remove unnecessarily negative comments.

2- Understand What They Are Saying:

While it saves a lot of time to give an automated generic response to comments, it’s not always in your best interests. If you leave a generic response to a genuine issue poised by your customer, it may create negativity towards your brand in their minds.

Leave generic response where the comment warrants it. If the comment is a genuine issue, try to help your customer out in every way you can. But you can only do this if you monitor all the comments carefully. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell the difference between different types of comments.

3- Don’t Trouble You Customer Unnecessarily:

If a customer reaches out to you via social media, you need to do everything in your power to resolve the issue then and there. Don’t tell your customer to talk to someone else or go through some other channel if it’s just unnecessary protocol. Improve your customer service to earn more brand loyalty among your customers.

If you do need to take your customer through some other channel, try to be as accommodating as possible to make things smooth for your customer.

social media marketing

4- Add a Little Personal Touch:

We’ve all gotten replies from brands that sound really robotic. To me, they sound really annoying. I’m sure you find them the same. So, when you are talking to your customers, adding a little personal touch to your replies can go a long way. Talk to them politely but don’t be too formal. Be professional but seem human too. If you practice this in your social media marketing, you will find the perfect balance that will be better for making your customers feel comfortable.

5- Own Up to Your Mistakes:

If you have made a mistake, admit it. If you’ve got angry customers because of that mistake, apologize to them. In life, you may have experienced this that if the person who has done you wrong admits their mistake and apologize, half of your anger dissipates then and there. Same thing happens when you are dealing with angry customers. Own up to your mistakes and then try to do everything you can to rectify the situation.

Everyone makes mistakes. But when you do, this is the best possible strategy for dissolving the issue and minimizing the consequences.


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