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5 Rules to Avoid Failure in Social Media Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Apr 18, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing

SOcial Media Mistakes

Everyone is investing in social media marketing these days. It can be really fun and result deriving. That is, until you take one misstep and all hell breaks lose.

Everything is going fine and great but then after one mistake, BAM. You become the next fail story in the history of social media marketing. It may seem easy to talk to customers on social media rather than face to face but still there are so many ways it can all go horribly wrong.

Want to know which rules to follow to avoid this kind of thing? Keep reading.

This post is not about what kind of posts you should be making. This is about what you should be doing and how you should be behaving on social media platforms. Once something is on the internet, it leaves its trace no matter what you do.

1-Automated Content:

There are so many things wrong with using automated content in response to something your customer posted and it will not raise you in the eyes of your followers.

For example, an automated tweet in response to a mention. Seriously? People mention brands on Twitter all the time but not always they have good things to say. If you are going to tweet an automated response every time someone mentions you, at least the response should be a proper one that suits all situations.

Below is one example of what you should NOT be doing when using automated responses.

hashtag fail

2-Don’t jump into every conversation:

Every few days some hashtag becomes trending due to some event or tragedy. While you may think that using a trending hashtag will bring in more people to your tweets, it is not always the best course of action.

Sometimes, you just don’t get what the hashtag is all about and something like this happens:


#notguilty was referencing to a father who was acquitted to the murder of his daughter. You can see how this went wrong.

If you are going to use a hashtag, do proper research on what this is all about, what kind of conversation is happening on this and if you think that you can handle it, tweet only then.

3-Be a little considerate:

Again, this is about hashtags but this should be said as well. People, just try to be a little considerate when using hashtags. Something horrible happens and a hashtag is born due to that tragedy. Now, the key point to understand is, if that tragedy doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t get you emotional and you have no link to it, you should probably not use it in your posts.

The only reason you would be doing it for is getting people to visit your tweets and that is not really sensitive, is it?

4-Do not be defensive:

When an unhappy customer complain about something, being on the defensive will not behoove you. Every customer service should follow a simple rule: Customer is always right.

Even if you think that you have done nothing to be blamed, hear them out and try to placate them by apologizing and accepting defeat. Making your customers feel important can really boost your reputation in social media marketing.

5-Do not be Emotional:

So, a customer or follower got really angry and said their heart out and acted really brashly. You do not have to sink to their levels and respond the same way. Instead, be the better and bigger person. Let them know that you heard them and you care about their opinion. It can go a long way in boosting your reputation.

In the end, all you have to do is use common sense. Social media marketing is really not difficult if you think carefully before every step you take. But if somehow, mistake happens, do not just pack up your bags and leave the internet. Apologize deeply to people to whom you have done wrong. Take responsibility and make them feel like you are human too. There will always be hurdles and bumps along the way, what matters is how you get over them.


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