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5 Things to Remember About Social Media Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 04, 2016 in Facebook Marketing/ Google Marketing/ Instagram Marketing/ SEO/ Social Media Marketing/ Twitter Marketing/ YouTube

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In 2015, social media marketing reached new heights that surpassed every previous marketing strategies. All of the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google+ introduced new updates and changes in the world of social media marketing. The field that was experimented with the most in 2015, was video marketing.

Whether it is about embedding videos in blog posts, advertising through videos or even if you talk about live-streaming videos, it has all happened and progressed in 2015. All these changes and updates were things that made social media marketing even more practical than it was before 2015.

Now business owners from all over the world, no matter if they have small businesses or large companies, they all want to spread their business reach by means of social media marketing. But there are things about social media marketing that they should keep in mind if they want to successfully make their presence known on social media.

1. It Is Better If Not Used Alone:

Social media marketing works best if it is combined with the other marketing tools like SEO and content marketing. It is still not guaranteed to give you the 100% of what you want to achieve through social media marketing but it will definitely give you better results.

2. It is ever changing:

Social media marketing is ever changing. There are constant changes and updates in the world of social media platforms that it has become almost like a game. In fact, it is a game which becomes different and somehow new with each level that you pass. New hurdles to cross and new puzzles to solve that challenge your skills. It definitely will keep you on your toes.

3. It is Not a Sprint:

Social media is very fast in the sense that you want to say something, it gets communicated in seconds. It may even go viral in just a matter of minutes. But it doesn’t mean that you will get results from social media marketing with equally fast pace.

It may not seem like it but social media marketing is not fast at all. While it may take some very lucky brands just a few days to get the results that they want, keyword being very lucky, but it usually takes weeks, months or even years to get the rate of conversion that you want from your social media marketing.

Being disheartened by no visible results after just a month of social media marketing is not the wat to go at all. It is not a sprint.

4. It is a competition:

If you want to do social media marketing to spread your business, it is great! But you have to realize that you are not the only one doing it. There is a very tough competition going on that will hinder you in your success.

While being attentive, active, informative and entertaining are definitely good things to concentrate on, the most important thing is to be different. Scope out your competition and see what they are doing to persuade and appeal to people. Understand their method and then come up with a different and unique angle that will appeal to people more. Be unique and stand out.

5. It is called Social for a reason:

Social media platforms are for social interaction between people. Your followers from different social media platforms expect the same thing when you post. If you are doing social media marketing just by scheduling content and advertising your offers without connecting with people on some level, you are ruining your chance at something that has the potential to take you further in your business.

These are some of the things that every business owner should realize and remember about social media marketing if they want to be in it for the long run.


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