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5 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube for Brand Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Feb 12, 2018 in Social Media Marketing/ YouTube

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With over 1.3 billion users, YouTube has proven to be a platform with outstanding reach time and time again. There are countless musicians, comedians and other professionals who have kick started their career through YouTube and reached heights of success.

300 hours of video content is uploaded every single minute over YouTube and almost 5 billion videos are watched daily. With those kinds of statistics, it’s a wonder how a lot of brands are not taking advantage of what YouTube has to offer.

You don’t have to be on YouTube to be a successful brand and there are other options that are more easily manageable, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. But if you play your cards right, YouTube can give you the loyal community that you want like no other platform can.

If you are one of those brands who are hesitant to use YouTube for marketing and don’t know exactly what they will get from it, keep on reading. Here are the top reasons why your brand should have a YouTube channel.

1- Capturing Attention and Going Viral:

Unlike Facebook, people tend to pay more attention to videos on YouTube because they are not scrolling through other posts in their feed. When they are watching a video, their attention is solely directed to it and if the video is interesting, it will captivate their attention and encourage them to share it on other platforms.

While it’s not guaranteed that every single one of your creative, interesting and high quality video will go viral, the chances are good that you will get a lot of views if you market your video across your other social media profiles.

Nothing beats the combination of a captivating YouTube video and good social media marketing to get the views and subscribers that your channel deserves.

2- High Traffic:

youtube channel

The reason why your video has a good chance of going viral, if you put the required effort in it, is that there are over a billion people who use YouTube. Hundreds of millions of video content is watched on YouTube on a daily basis while 300 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded each minute on average.

You can get a lot of exposure if you continue to put in the effort required to build up your channel. It may seem frustrating at first because new YouTube channels don’t get a lot of views but as you upload more quality content and market it across other platforms, you will start to see results which may be even more rewarding that other means of social media marketing.

3- Search Engine Ranking:

YouTube is owned by Google. If your channel is successful on YouTube, your videos will show up in the Google search results for the keywords associated with your brand and videos.

Another thing you can do if you run a YouTube channel as well as a website/blog is that you can incorporate the two platforms together. You could create a blog post on a topic as well as a YouTube video explain it further. Then you can upload the video on YouTube and embed it in the blog post that you uploaded on your website. This way you will have more credibility and a greater chance of appearing in Google search results. Your website’s search engine ranking will increase as a result and you will have more traffic coming your way.

4- It is More Personal and Relatable:

People tend to relate to other human beings more as compared to written text and automated posts. When you are running a YouTube channel, you will put yourself in front of your audiences and they will get to know you and your brand on a more personal level. You will also be able to connect with them through comments and you can even honor your loyal followers by mentioning them in your videos, ‘favoriting’ their comments or pinning their comments on the top.

You will definitely have some negative comments too because that’s a constant on all the YouTube videos but overall, you will be able to build a loyal and mostly positive community which will be better than any other social media platform.

5- Global Access:

YouTube is used by people from every corner of the world. It’s available in 61 languages and is watched in over 75 countries. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Your videos will be watched by YouTube users from other countries as well. Your audiences will grow beyond the borders of your countries. In fact, according to a research, 60% of the views on a YouTube video are generated by users outside the country the video is originally from. So, when you attract international followers, your business will have a chance to expand as a result.


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