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By Alex Neil Posted Jan 20, 2017 in Social Media Marketing/ Twitter


There are many platforms to advertise your ads but on Twitter, the beauty of advertising ads is that it has Pay-per-click without any overhead cost with other competing platforms.

It has truly some reasons that make it superior to other online ad platforms. So, if you are in serious business, then now the time starts to advertise it on twitter. It not only has credibility also it has the unique ad targeting features that influence people and their purchasing.

Here I have mentioned below 5 basic reasons to start advertisement your business on Twitter:

Twitter Followers Are Active and Engaged

More followers bring more customers. You can have accelerating audience by effective campaigns. Tweet engagement targeting is a head start to reach an audience. With this advertisement type, you market your business to people who see and engage with your tweet.

Other platforms have nothing comparable like this and this is the real gem of advertising ads on Twitter. Not only can you target people who are promoting the tweet, but also those who engaged with it.

Additionally, you can have huge advantages if your engagement rate is high on Twitter.

Intelligent Money Targets Intelligently

The only way to know that you have target right audience is to measure the effectiveness of your advertisement. In this way, you can make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

On Twitter, the best way to target audience is through looking the followers of people like you. Also on Twitter, you can go after keywords and interests. Both features are worth to try. Make sure you are casting a wide net of keywords around 50 and for interests, narrow down your focus.

Find what is best for your offer and business for targeting audiences. Don’t mix targeting methods, desktop versus mobile targeting are two different things. Stay fairly focused on one ad campaign while speaking to the segment you’re targeting.

Don’t target too narrowly, feed them plenty of data and Twitter algorithms will work like magic for your ad advertisement. This means a lot of impressions. Add competitors in your scheming. Targeting narrowly will down your expected reach. Surely, you want this for your ad so aim for big.

A “Pay as you go” Advertising Model

Twitter had a unique feature that allows you to pay for what works.It can help you to fix your budgets of advertisement. Online entrepreneur demands “Pay for Performance” marketing solutions. It means you will only pay when someone clicks “follow” on your ad or in other words pay only after achieving your marketing goals and objectives. You can engage people often after they started following you. One solid ad can open multiple opportunities to connect with followers.

If you are running an ad campaign about app installing, then you will only pay after achieving certain app installs. Similarly, in a follower’s campaign, you will pay after a certain number of people hit follow to your account.

Comparing with other platforms Twitter is far superior as it ensures that advertising product will deliver exactly what you want.

Keyword Targeting

A remarkably interesting and precise manner to find specific people on Twitter according to your ad is keyword targeting.

Not only can you find people who are using a specific word or hash-tagging it also people who are interacting with tweets of those words while Facebook allows you only topic targeting. So the difference is that you can have the refined and precise target.

Great Way to Drive Results that Grow Your Business

For worthy conversations, enjoy and to grow a motivated community, attract people to your website and to encourage the users of mobile to install apps you are offering the ideal platform is Twitter. Twitter’s effectiveness makes it lead generation tool for ads posting. Just by using some tactics gather potential customers to your website and grasp and qualified leads.

Many people join Twitter marketing thinking their primary focus to gather a large audience. They need to understand that small audience can also bring required results. Just find the right followers and they are far better than millions.

Hence, the success of Twitter lies in communications and just some worthy ads can change your whole game of social media marketing. By broadcasting right content, you will not only engage people also build awareness about the brand. It allows you to build a strong relationship with your followers by understanding their needs.


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