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5 Reasons You Are Losing Instagram Followers

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 03, 2018 in Instagram Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

instagram engagement

Before you go on to read this article, just know that every social media marketer goes through this at some point or another. It happens and it’s not really a life or death situation for your brand. It’s just part of the process of growing your brand on social media.

What you need to do is actually notice this, of course. Then, start looking for reasons that might be the cause of you losing those followers which, since you are reading this article, you are already doing. So, good job so far!

Then when you do find out about those reasons, it’s time to take action and rectify them as soon as possible. If you don’t really do anything about it, your brand will eventually lose all its impact.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most probable reasons that you are losing your Instagram followers.

1- Fake Followers:

Okay, if you are not paying third party companies to get you more followers, this might not the why behind you losing Instagram followers suddenly. But, if you have paid to gain more followers via third parties, here is what probably happened:

You paid them in good faith that they will get you more Instagram followers who would be genuinely interested in your brand. Unless you are paying the platform itself for ads, buying real followers is not good for you. What happens is that most of those companies that promise ‘100% genuine and real followers’ actually just hack inactive Instagram accounts through different software and follow your profile through them. Your number of followers increases and you become satisfied that you got your money’s worth but that’s not actually true.

Instagram, Facebook and other big social media platforms have algorithms that periodically remove fake followers and that’s probably the reason why you lost a lot of followers suddenly.

So, keeping to Instagram’s own ad campaigns and organic methods to gain more followers is your best bet if you want them to stay long term.

2- Content Quality:

Instagram is the most visual content based social media platform there is and it demands that the content shared on it is of the highest quality. People want photos and videos that are taken with the best equipment.

It is okay to post whatever you want if you are just using your account for personal reasons. But if you are on Instagram in professional capacity and want people to keep coming around to view your posts, even the ‘in the moment’ posts must be of the highest quality in both capturing as well as editing.

3- Overselling:

word of mouth

Instagram is a social media account and people there want to follow accounts that seem human. If you are just churning post after post about ‘buy our products/services’, that is not going to sit well with the community.

If you are guilty of doing this and overselling your services, you need to reconsider your content strategy. A good way to rectify this issue would be to figure out a balance between good and engaging content and promotional posts. Most of your posts should be about storytelling and getting people to actually care about your brand. This will help you brand because once people actually start caring about your brand, when you do post promotional photos or videos, they will take interest and actually do something about it.

4- Over-posting:

People don’t want their news feeds clogged up by a single brand or celeb they are following. This can be a big turn off and if you are guilty of this, it might be why you are losing followers.

A good approach would be to prefer quality over quantity. Yes, posting regularly is very important and if you want keep being remembered by your followers but posting too much will land your brand in the annoying category.

Take your time with the quality and message of the content you post. This way, not only you will not be clogging up your followers’ news feeds, your posts will actually have an impact because of their impressive quality.

5- You Changed Directions:

Another reason might be that when people followed you, they were expecting certain kind of posts but then you had a change of heart about your content strategy and now you are posting stuff that might not be what your followers actually wanted from your account.

Your bio is a great way to reflect what your followers can expect from your account. Take your time in writing it the way you think is best suitable and reflective of your brand and your content. Then, if you want to keep your followers long term with you, don’t deviate from that description. Keep giving your followers what they signed up for and they will keep coming around for more.

These reasons may not be the conventional ones that you will find on other blog posts over the internet but they are indeed very powerful. If you are doing any if these things, it’s time that you rethought your Instagram marketing strategy and rectify your mistakes.


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