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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Facebook Live in Your Brand Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 23, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing

facebook live

The year 2016 was very innovative in terms of video marketing and it introduced a lot of new options including the live video. Twitter’s Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live were the main competitors in the live stream broadcasts. But towards the end of 2016, it became clear that Facebook was leading the trio. The main reason for that is that Facebook is the platform with the largest audience and it seemed only logical to use its live video feature for brand marketing.

But while a lot of brands have caught on to the trend of using Facebook Live for brand marketing, many are still not making the most of it. As of last month, Facebook has more than 25% of the world’s population on its platform and to not use that to your advantage would be a shame.

Although I’ll point out more reasons for you down below, the first and foremost reason that you should be using Facebook Live to market your brand is that it makes things a little bit personal. It brings the human factor to your brand’s image and makes people care about you. You can show off your behind the scenes or any other stuff. It’s the most real people will see you because you can’t edit the video; it’s uncut and people see you with all your faults. That may seem like a bad thing but if done correctly, it can do your brand more favor than you might give it credit for.

1- ‘Simulcast’:

If you have the admin privileges to more than one Facebook account, you can broadcast your live video to all of those accounts at once using Facebook’s Simulcast. As the name suggests, you can simultaneously broadcast your video on more than one Facebook page. This can be ideal for expanding reach and exposure. You can even ask a page that trusts you to give you admin privileges for a short amount of time so that you can broadcast your video on their page.

2- The Most Developed Live Video Platform:

Out of all the options available online that let you broadcast your live streaming videos, Facebook Live is the one yet. Why? Its notification system lets your followers know when you are live. You can even promote a live video in advance so that people are there waiting for you when you go live. It’s just like people waiting for their favorite show in front of their TV. It has the potential to increase your exposure and bring in more followers as well.

3- It’s Permanent:

When you are done streaming the live broadcast, you have the option to save it in your camera roll so that you can use it in your marketing campaign in the future. But there is another great feature as well. After the live broadcast is over, the video stays on your profile or page permanently, unless you delete it of course. But this little option is great because the video will get shared and gain more views. It may even bring you more followers as well.

4- Time Limit & Analytics:

online marketing2

Unlike other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope, Facebook Live gives you a large time span in your single broadcast. You can stream up to 4 hours of video in a single live broadcast! Also, you get to enjoy the best analytics that Facebook offers to see how your video is performing in terms of views and engagement. Combine these two features and you get a great way to showcase your events while also getting to know if people are enjoying it or not.

5- It’s Lag-Free and Also, ‘Free’:

These is no lag which means that your video gets streamed in real time, with people also commenting in real time which makes it a great way to have real communication with your followers. You get all these features with absolutely no cost whatsoever, excluding the cost of filming your video of course. It depends on you if you use highly professional cameras or your mobile camera to stream your live video. Like it was mentioned before, you can stream up to 4 hours of content in a single live stream which makes it the best option for you to broadcast your live event or gig.


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