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5 Reasons Why Your Business Is Losing Leads

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 03, 2017 in Business

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In order to thrive, each and every business needs leads. These leads are crucial in terms of business marketing. If there is a steady flow of leads towards your business, you will have increased sales and generate more revenue.

That sounds simple enough in theory but for the businesses that are just starting out, getting those leads and converting them into paying customers are two very difficult tasks. In fact, these challenges have sometimes caused people to give up their dream career.

So, to help you out and make sure that it doesn’t happen to you, here are a few strategies that may help you get more leads and then convert them into customers instead of keep losing them.

1- Poor Lead Magnet:

Lead magnet is something that attracts your audience and convinces them to subscribe to your website email list. It could be really simple and it should be spread out throughout your website so that your audience doesn’t miss it. A poor lead magnet has the potential to be ignored or worse, turning people off completely. It shouldn’t come across as spam.

A good lead magnet will help people solve a certain problem. For example, if your website revolves around antique furniture, your lead magnet could be something like, ‘A Buyer’s Guide to Antique Furniture – Spend Your Money Wisely’.

Once you have designed and built your lead magnet, it’s time to put it throughout your website, in posts and sidebar. You can even make it so that it pops up after the visitor has been on the website for 5 seconds or when they are about to leave.

2- Lack of Automated Emails:

Okay, so your website visitor has signed up for your email subscribers list. What comes next? They should immediately start to receive an automated series of 5 to 7 emails that are spread out over a week or two. These emails should be a series which helps your subscribers solve the challenges they face related to your niche. And then you could finish off this series by giving them an opportunity to buy your product or service by telling how exactly it will make their lives easier.

This is the best way to convert leads into loyal customers.

3- You are Inaccessible:

These emails could get a response from your potential customers. The trouble comes when you are not paying attention and you ignore their emails and they don’t get a reply from you. You could lose a lot of leads this way. What you need to do is always make sure that you are checking your emails regularly so that you can respond to your customers in a timely manner.

This is not only limited to emails as well. This could happen if you have given your contact number on your website but aren’t there to answer it when your subscribers call. Or they could be reaching out to you on your social media accounts. Make sure you are always there to respond to their queries. This is how potential customers turn into loyal customers because it will help them trust in your business.

4- Your Website Takes Too Long to Load:

This is a major turn off for most people. If they are opening a link and it takes too long to open, they will get frustrated and they might end up closing the tab for good and search for their intended results somewhere else.

You can increase this speed by using a faster website hosting service. What you could also do is that you hire a web developer to take out the unnecessary code and plugins out of your website so that it becomes lighter in weight and easier to load.

5- Low Quality Content:

Another major thing that might cost you your leads is that your website is filled with low quality content. It might seem easier on your budget to hire subpar web content writers to fill out your website’s content. But it will cost you in the long run. A badly written article can be spotted at a glance and it turns people off and makes you seem unprofessional. So, put together a budget plan that is dedicated for hiring experienced SEO web content writers so that your website has high quality content and it ranks better in Google search engine results.


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