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5 Reasons Why Brands Dislike Snapchat Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Jun 01, 2017 in Snapchat/ Social Media Marketing


While it’s been a huge trend since last year to spread the marketing game onto the fastest growing platform yet a.k.a. Snapchat, brands are now realizing that it’s not as good a marketing platform as they’d imagined. They had gone in thinking that they will get a huge following from the daily active users and their business will grow as a result. But instead, they had to face the cold, hard truth that Snapchat is not like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There have been countless articles over the internet in the last few months about how Snapchat will change the marketing game altogether and how it is the future of social media marketing. The truth is far less dazzling. Sure, Snapchat has its good points like the most active users, Geofilters and the fact that more and more people are joining this platform at a much higher speed than they did Facebook. Even though Snapchat was perceived to be a network for teenagers and young adults, people over 35 years of age are now joining this platform as well. So, it’s not to be taken lightly.

But in this article, you’ll get to see the other side of the coin. You’ll find out the reasons why brand marketers may hate Snapchat.

1- It Doesn’t Link Back to Your Website:

If you are turning to Snapchat just so you can increase brand awareness and don’t really care whether your web traffic increases or not, Snapchat is good for you. But if you want that your Snapchat followers are directed to your website via a link, well, that’s not going to happen.

If you have been a brand marketer over social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for quite a long time, you may be used to putting links in your posts that direct your followers to your website if they click on them. That feature is not available on Snapchat.

Snapchat just offers you two types of posts. One is basic photo sharing which disappears after 10 seconds of being viewed by your follower. The other is 10-second video which also disappears after being viewed. There is no option of putting in your links in either of those two methods.

So, again, if you are on Snapchat just to increase brand awareness then great. Because otherwise, you are in for a rough awakening.

2- Followers Don’t Come Easily:

Compared to other social media networks, followers are very hard to gain on Snapchat. That stands especially true if you are just a startup or not as famous as you would like to be. On Twitter, you may get followers by following people or your tweets going viral. On Facebook, you get followers by posting good content and marketing it across different pages. For some brands, ads may be the only way that they gain followers on social media networks.

But Snapchat is more of a closed system. You can’t directly approach people who don’t know you. If you are just starting your social media marketing campaigns, Snapchat should be your last option. First, you need to build a loyal following on other social media platforms. Then, they might find you genuinely interesting and follow you on Snapchat as well. Or you may need to offer them special offers if they follow you on Snapchat. There are also other ways that you can get followers on this platform. But all of them don’t really give you much in terms of results unless you are a very popular celebrity or brand already. Snapchat is not the place for startups.

If you still think that you should be on Snapchat, you could always advertise your brand to get followers. But again, you will only be spending money to increase brand awareness, not your sales.

3- You Can’t Exactly Measure Results:

You see ads on TV and newspapers, and listen to them constantly on Radio. Do you ever wonder about how they analyze how much sales came from a certain medium? What happens is that people put on ads on TV, Newspapers, Magazines and Radio hoping for the best. They get sales but they are never sure which particular medium ads encouraged people to buy those products.

Same thing is true for Snapchat. Since there is no link back to your site and other tracking system, you can’t measure your Snapchat marketing results via Google Analytics. Sure, you can always put in promo codes and offers that are just for Snapchat users but you have to manually measure those analytics and it can be quite an overwhelming task.

In today’s age, when you can measure your social media marketing results down to the last figure, it’s difficult to embrace the idea that you may have no tools to analyze your marketing efforts on a certain social media platform. It’ll be like throwing money away on just a hope that you’ll get something in return.

4- Sharing Is Not in the Charts:

The reason you invest in social media marketing campaigns is that your posts and message will get shared by people and you’ll reach as many audiences as you can, not just your followers. On Snapchat, the story is quite different.

When you send out Snaps or Photos to your followers, they can view it only for 10 seconds and then it disappears into thin air. There is no way for them to tap a button and share it with their followers. The only way they can share your post is if they take a screenshot and then share it with their followers on Snapchat or other social networks. But let’s face it, almost nobody goes to that extra mile just to share something a brand posted, unless they are a die-hard fan of yours.

Also, when you share a snap or photo, it only reaches your followers and no one else. That is, unless you are an insanely famous brand and your stories are featuring in the live stories or the search area.

5- Advertisement Price is Way Up High:

After considering all of this, if you do decide to give Snapchat a chance and advertise your brand across this platform, the price becomes a huge issue. It is not for people who are just getting their feet wet in social media marketing and don’t really have a ton of money.

For example, Snapchat advertisement campaign per month starts from $10,000. This doesn’t include content creation and third party analytics tracking. And it only goes higher from here.

You can also create your own sponsored lenses or even discovery ads and they cost $450,000 per day from Sunday through Thursday, $500,000 per day for Friday and Saturday, and $700,000+ for holiday and special events. If you have that kind of money, great. But if not, you can’t really dream of using Snapchat ads.


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