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5 Mobile Apps That Help You Keep Life and Work Balance

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 05, 2017 in Business

Android-ios apps

No matter how much you are into latest technology, there will always be new apps that will surprise you. These apps may be on Facebook, Google Play Store or iOS market. You will think that how can someone even think that! But at the same time, you will probably realize that they will help you in your life, including your business life.

The apps listed below will not only help you in your business and in your family life, they will actually help you create a work/life balance.

Pocket Yoga:

Health comes first whether it is mental or physical and yoga lets you achieve both. Yoga helps you relax so that you can work and mingle with others with your complete attention. But sometimes you get so busy with your work and life that you don’t have time to go to real life yoga lessons. Pocket Yoga is the kind of app that, with the detailed information about different poses, will make you feel as though you are with an actual yoga instructor. It will give you really good exercises to do that will calm you and you can do them even when you are in your office.

Big Days:

Ever go into a big fight with your wife, your friends or your family for missing some very special event that you were supposed to remember? Well, Big Days comes to your rescue. Now, you will not miss any important day due to the reason that you forgot about them. This app comes with built-in daily reminder that will remind you that you have X days to a certain event so that you can plan accordingly.

These events can be anything like wedding, birthdays, press conference, business meeting, interview and anything you can think of.


Inby is a great app that lets you know about all the great deals and offers not only on big stores and restaurants but also small and local shops and diners too. This way you will have more options if you want to take your family out for some quality time or you want to meet your clients somewhere. It will also help you stay in your budget because it informs of cheap deals and sales too. So, it will make your family, your clients and even your pockets happy.


Schemes works the way schedules blog posts or tweets work. You just feed information into it like when is your friends birthday or some important event and it will remind you when something is due so that you can text or call them.

Or you could write a text beforehand and schedule it to be sent on that particular day and you won’t have to worry about it afterwards. Once the message has been sent, the app will notify you so that you can follow that text up with another text or call if you want.


Sometimes (all the time!) when you start watching Youtube videos, you lose track of time and suddenly it is deadline when you were supposed to get some work done. Or some article captivates your interest and you have to read it and you are worried that you will not have internet later.

Instapaper lets you save all of those videos, articles or even emails so that you can view them in your spare time or lunch break. It is real life saver because you will not have to worry about whether you will have internet later or not. This stuff will be available to you offline.

The above apps are really great and will help you improve your work/life balance. Utilize them and you will not regret it.


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