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5 Mistakes That No Social Media Marketer Can Afford to Make

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 29, 2017 in Social Media Marketing


With around 30% world population using one social media platform or another, social media marketing has never sounded more logical. You will have access to a lot of potential customers if you play your cards right. Each social media platform serves a different purpose. For example, Facebook is great for targeting certain demographics based their location, age, gender, interests and much more. Snap Inc. is focusing on geo-targeted ads (they are really expensive though). If you are looking for employment data, LinkedIn is for you.

Most of the brands have recognized the power of social media and while many of them have succeeded in building a strong social media presence, a lot are still having troubles. These troubles may be due to some mistake that they have been unknowingly making. If you are one of those unsuccessful brands, take a look at the list of possible mistakes that you may be making and it’s time to change that for good.

1- Spreading Yourself Too Thin:

When you are going into social media marketing, it’s really tempting to create profiles on multiple social media platforms at once. Yes, big brands have social media presence on more than one platforms but they didn’t start that way. Spreading yourself too thin on multiple platforms in the beginning is the worst mistake that a social media marketer could make.

There are choices for you in social media networks. Each one offers a different kind of interface. Figure out what kind of business you run and which social media platform will suit its needs the best way and then start with that. Once you become successful in your goals with that platform, then you can move on to mix another one into the social media marketing mix, but only if your business demands it.

2- Copying the Influencers in Your Niche:

This stands especially true when social media marketers are just beginning their journey. It’s tempting to just follow the influencers’ social media strategy because then you wouldn’t have to spend time building your own. But know this: The time you spend in finding the right and unique voice for your brand will be a huge investment in the long run.

Researches have shown time and time again that brands with a unique and different style tend to gain a larger and more loyal following. Whereas brands who don’t have a clear voice of their own tend to stay average and not really stand out.

3- Ignoring the Analytics:

social media dashboards

While it may seem like a lot of work and your mind may not be as business oriented as you’d like it to be, make it your mission to get to know what your followers like and what they want from you. With the modern tools that each social media marketing platform offers these days, it’s become really easy.

Keep an eye on the analytics so that you know which posts work for your brand and which ones don’t; which posts get a lot of comments and which ones just sit idly. You can gain a lot of intel from this and it will help you decide how to mold your social media strategy to gain more followers and leads. If you start implementing this, you will see results really soon.

4- Not Using Video Marketing:

A report by Hubspot stated that 55% of the people focus on video content more than anything else. So, it would be a huge mistake to not use it to your advantage. Creating unique but short videos that share your message in an engaging way is the latest trend along with live broadcasting.

If you don’t really have the equipment or creativeness to create these videos, you can share other people’s content that falls in your niche. Also, another strong way to go would be to stream live broadcasts that show behind the scenes, answers your followers’ questions or a live customer service session. You can broadcast whatever you want as long as it reflects positively on your brand. It doesn’t matter whether you want to upload videos, share them, live stream them or do all three, just use video marketing in some way and it will benefit your brand.

5- Treating All the Platforms the Same Way:

Let’s say you have successfully made an online presence on one social media platform and you decide to move on to the next big one. What worked for the first social media network may not work for the next one. No two social media platforms are the same and the sooner you realize that, the better off your brand will be.

Research the strong points and offerings of the platform you are using and then develop your social media strategy around those key points. You may have to build it from scratch but again, the time and brain you invest in building your unique social media strategy in the beginning will continue to benefit your brand in the long run.


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