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5 Free Must-Have Tools for Facebook Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Feb 18, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media Marketing


Good things rarely come free these days, especially in the world of social media marketing. Take Facebook, for example, organic reach is so low that you have to invest in different ad campaigns to be noticed by their followers. They have to pay for it because they don’t know other tips and tricks that can get them a place in their followers’ news feed more often.

Here are 5 tools that are really easy to use and they can really help business owners in their Facebook marketing campaigns – for free!



Want your Facebook banners and images to look top notch with really good graphics? Look no further than this tool. Canva offers pre-sized templates, so now you don’t have to worry about dimensions suitable for different kind of Facebook photos whether they are cover photos, timeline images or profile pictures.

When you select a template, you can then drag and drop different graphics like texts, shapes and images that can really bring your image to life. Once you are finished, you will have an amazing looking photo that will look as if it was created by professionals.

If you don’t know about graphics and have no idea how to put together a good looking banner or image, don’t worry. Canva has an online Design School that has a lot of useful tips and tricks that can get your feet wet in the world of graphic designing. If nothing else works, their pre-designed layouts can help you but some of them may cost you a little money.


drum up

If you are running a Facebook business page, chances are that you probably know very well the struggle to come up with interesting and innovative posts to share with your followers. You have to scour the internet for share worthy posts and sometimes it can be a huge pain.

DrumUp is a free tool specifically designed for this purpose. It will do all the scavenging for you, you just have to provide the necessary information. This information is just a set of relevant keywords. DrumUp will search the web for stories related with those keywords and then show the results to you in the form of a feed. If you see a story that you find share worthy, just click it and DrumUp will add it to your share queue. It will even suggest optimal time to share that post but you can always edit your preferences.

It is not just for sharing stories found from the internet. You can create your own unique posts and schedule them using this tool as well. Basically this is the one place where you can manage all of your Facebook shares.

3-Headline Analyzer:

headline analyzer

Headline is the most important part of any post. It has the power to attract people to read your story or make them run far away from you. It is really hard to think of eye catching and attractive headlines for posts because you don’t know what will work best for your audience and what will not. Here is where Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer comes to your aid.

You just have to put in your headline into this tool and it will give you an analysis about what your headline has and what it lacks, so that you can improvise it.



LikeAlyzer is a tool that every Facebook page administer should use. It gives clear insights about what works and does not work for a specific Facebook page. No personal information is required at all. You simply need to provide a valid Facebook page address and this tool will do the rest for you. It also provide your ranking among similar pages in your niche so that you know what you are up against.

5-Facebook Power Editor:

power editor

If you have a Facebook business page, sooner or later you are going to invest in Facebook ad campaigns. That is where Facebook Power Editor comes in handy. You are probably familiar with this as this is really popular in the world of social media marketing.

It is basically a Chrome extension that is really easy to use for managing ad campaigns on Facebook. It gives a lot more options and filters than a regular Facebook ad manager. Facebook uses this to test out new things and if they work, they may become a part of the official Facebook ad manager. If you user Power Editor, you can be ahead compared to those brands who don’t use it for their ad campaigns.


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