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4 Really Underutilized Ways to Promote Your Brand via Social Media

By Alex Neil Posted Jul 18, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

social media

It is quite obvious to say that social media has become a connecting bridge between brands and customers. A few years back, it was relatively easy for brands to market themselves using social media platforms because there was less competition. However now, due to a lot of awareness on the topic, it has become a really tough job to market your brand on social media platforms.

In order to get noticed, companies need to come up with some unique ways that can help them to grab the attention of their target audience. In this article, I am going to share four ways which are a good source to market a brand on social media but they are not used often.

1. Online talk shows:

Make an arrangement for online talk shows in order to create an awareness of your brand for the followers and target audience is surely a good way of social media marketing. One of the most popular things today is podcast in which product demo is shown with the help of a video. In order to make this talk session interesting for followers and target audience, add some uniqueness in it.

For example, you can add video with a feedback by the existing users and ask them how they feel about your products etc. The nature of talk shows and the content you want to share via this is the real driving force here. Just adding demonstration about the products will not allow business to interact properly with the ultimate user. Adding public feedback and their presence on the talk shows will surely make target audience realize that your brand does not only focus on the revenue but it also cares about their satisfaction and opinion.

2. Online trade show:

This is also one of the least used marketing methods of today. The concept of this method is quite similar with the talk show. However the presence of company’s personal and other industrial officials will make it different from the online talk show. With such kind of shows, business can allow their audience to have an insight of the business and its operations which is surely s good way of marketing.

This will not only bring a brand into limelight but it will also help business to win over the confidence of audience because now audience will have deep knowledge about business, its products and how it works.Before the decided date of the trade show, notify your audiences about the event and its attendees. Allow them to ask any query about your brands and products.

3. Create staff and follower interaction:

One of the best ways to build a good relationship with the followers is to promote interaction between the business and the audience. Loyalty and confidence of audience is the greatest asset of a business. In order to get loyalty and win audience’s confidence a business has to create a strong relationship with the audience and it is not possible without a proper interaction. There are different ways in which you can promote interaction between your staff and customers.

For example, you can arrange a quiz competition between staff and audience. For this, make teams and in each include some staff members and some interested followers. Each team will compete with the other team which will also be a combination of staff and followers.

It is surely a good way to build a healthy relationship between business and followers. Staff will get to understand the needs and expectations of followers in a better way and then businesses can use this info to make their operations even better. On the account of followers, they will feel emotionally connected with the business which will help business to become priority among the followers and ultimately win over audience’s loyalty.

4. Have an online “open house”:

Online open house invitation can be a really good option of marketing if it is done in the right way. As a buyer sometimes it becomes really hard to go visit to your favorite brand outlet to shop because of the tight schedule. By putting extra efforts, business can actually solve this problem of audience and turn it into a much favorable situation for itself.

Let your audience have a visit to your shop online and make them crave for your product. Show your best products in the open house and increase your audience’s desire to buy your product. If done right then this method can surely do wonders for your business. This open house option will not only persuade your audience but it can also create a healthy competition environment.


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