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4 Social Media Trends That Marketers Need to Implement

By Alex Neil Posted Aug 18, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

marketing ideas

Social media marketing has proved to be a major game changer in the past decade for both small and large businesses alike. In fact, it’s growing now more than ever before thanks to the options available in the form of multiple social media platforms. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many other platforms are constantly providing means for business marketers to grow their audience and increase brand awareness as well as sales.

But the way digital marketing works is that you have to flow with the current. Every now and then trends keep changing and marketers need to look out for them. They need to be flexible and implement those trends in their marketing strategies. Here are 5 of the current social media marketing trends that brands need to try out for successful social media marketing.

1- Visual Content:

According to scientific research, brain cares more about the visuals than it does about text. It processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. So, you can see why visual content is the key to effect social media marketing. Another research shows that visuals sometimes evoke emotions as well if they are used the right way. You could write several lines of high quality content and it may not leave as powerful an impact as that same message displayed in a visually appealing way.

This is not just a trend, it’s a necessity if you want your brand to survive in the highly competitive world of social media marketing. Create good quality videos, images and collages to share your message in a unique and creative way to get people to notice and remember your brand.

2- Live Videos:

This is a somewhat new trend and it was introduced in the last year as multiple live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope became available for people. Facebook Live followed closely behind. Now, there are a lot of brands who take advantage of this option in multiple ways. Some use it as a live customer service sessions. Others use it as a Q&A video with their fans. There are brands that use this feature to show behind the scenes of their business.

These are just a few ways you can use the live broadcasts to market your brand. If you want to try something else, just go for it. Live streaming is a really popular trend right now in brand marketing and using it to its full potential will be beneficial for your business.

3- Expiring Content:

snapchat marketing 2

The first social media platform that comes to mind when we talk about expiring content is Snapchat. Sure, now you can create Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp stories as well but Snapchat started it all. It became so popular that it was offered $3 billion by Facebook as a buy-out but the offer was rejected. Since then Facebook has not been subtle in the way it copied Snapchat’s features. Now, expiring content has become a popular trend in social media marketing.

There is something about this feature that instills a sense of urgency in people. Brands are using this feature to offer limited discounts or coupons that expire within 24 hours. This encourages people to take action before the offer expires and as a result, sales increase.

4- Interactive Content:

Interactive posts tend to do better than simple posts that require people to do nothing at all. These interactive posts can be anything from polls to quizzes to contests to votes. They just need to be something that people care enough about to interact with them. Sometimes, asking people whether like batman or superman might be enough. You just need to find unique ways for people to interact with your posts. You will find countless quizzes online that you can’t resist taking. That’s a good way to keep people on your website or social media profile page. Take Buzzfeed for example and just gon on over to their website. They have so many interesting posts and quizzes that you will probably stay on that website for a long time. That should be your goal when you are doing social media marketing.


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