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4 Reasons Why Your Online Business is Not Spreading

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 08, 2015 in Social Media Marketing

ONline Presence

Most of the business owners today have an online business presence as well. Some businesses are even solely online and they have just the internet to connect with people in their field. The success or failure of these business depend on how well they do over the internet. Whether they have website traffic or not affects their brands a lot.

The World Wide Web is filled with advice about what to do and what not to do with your online business if you want to succeed. But the fact is, these pieces of advice may have been valuable at one time but with so many updates and changes in the internet, they can be useless or detrimental to your online success.

If you are worried about why your online business is not growing, take a look at the reasons below. It is possible that you might be doing one or more of them and that may be affecting your business.

Being Out Of Date:

One possible reason for the stilled growth may be that you are relying on old strategies. What does that mean? It means that you are following some advice that was good maybe a year or two ago but not anymore. There are so many new changes and updates every now and then that you cannot survive if you are old school about your business strategies.

You are Not Original:

Just to clear things up, I am not talking about Vampire Diaries here. What I am trying to say here is that you are not original to people. Being inspired by the leaders in your field is all well and good. But it is another thing altogether if you try to copy their style. People want to see something unique when they visit your website, not something that they could already get somewhere else.

Overindulging in Social Media:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

In the past decade, a very large number of business owners turned to social media marketing for their business growth. More are coming still. But keep in mind that while social media marketing is really great, your content should encourage people to visit your business website. If you do not have website traffic, you do not have a business.

Don’t agree? Well, let me put it this way: You have a lot of followers on a social media platform and they buy your products and services through that platform as well. But what if that platform shuts down in the future? You will lose your followers as well as your business.

You are Not Connecting With People:

Connecting with people in your field is the key to building your online presence. While you may think that if you make yourself seem unavailable, you can charge more for your services. That might be true in the previous times but now, people do not have time for your attitude. If they cannot connect with you, they will find someone else who will give them the time of day.

These are just a few reasons but if one of them holds true in your case, think about how you can change that to grow your online presence and make your business successful.


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