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4 instant fixes to apply on your Facebook fan page to optimize it

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 15, 2013 in Facebook Marketing/ Social Media News


Most of the times it happens that little things are ignored! These little things sum up into a big problem just like the old saying “small drops of water form an ocean”. You probably do the major fixes but small fixes are often left ignored when it comes to managing your Facebook fan page. You may overlook some of your settings and small aspects that may be important for your Facebook fan page. Below I’ve gathered 4 instant fixes for you to do a quick repair of your Facebook fan page, have a look:

Fix#1: Stay up-to-date

It seems quite obvious but most of the times you miss this small aspect. And staying up-to-date doesn’t only relate to posts, videos, and all, it’s the page information you need to update as well. Your official site should stay consistent with your Facebook fan page.

Make sure that you do a periodic checkup of your office address, contact information, general info, and other things. Also make sure that all the links present on your page are still working. Stick to the current trend and update the previous things you’ve posted earlier. Together with improving your page visitors’ experience, it will also optimize your page for different search engines.

Fix#2: Manage and readjust your tabs

All it takes is some efforts and frequent management of content. So managing and readjusting your most frequently tabs should be a great start. Obliterate the ones which are not being used by your users and also make sure that they are in the correct pattern. Make sure that your users are able to find the information easily and quickly without messing up with things.

Fix#3: Update your cover photo

Cover photo feature is something everyone is using since the introduction of timeline profiles. Your cover photo is the right opportunity for you to cash. It’s the first thing your visitors look at when they visit your page. So you definitely can’t miss this one. It is basically a summary of your entire page, so make sure that you update it periodically. If you haven’t updated your cover photo from a long time, now is the right time. It’s an asset which you can’t waste; and obviously you shouldn’t if you’re a wise person. Make sure that you use your cover photo as advertising space to introduce special schemes and promotions to your page visitors!

Fix#4: Update appropriately sized images

It is wise to use just the ideal size of images. If your Facebook fan page has got a number of images which are not giving a complete view in their default post position, update them. Using appropriately sized images will make page more visible and your visitors will consider paying more attention to your posts.

So these were 4 quickest fixes you can apply on your Facebook fan page in order to optimize it for better results. Are they beneficial to your Facebook fan page?


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