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4 Things To Consider Before Creating A Youtube Channel

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 20, 2014 in Social Media News/ YouTube

4 Youtube SOcial Media Marketing

We all know that visual marketing goes a long way in capturing the attention of viewers and brings better results than written advertisements. However, there are two ways in which visual marketing works:

  • You can make images that explain what your product is all about and give your customers an overview.
  • You can create videos for better interaction with your customers and for detailed review about your products and services.

Pictures are quick in explaining the main highlights about your brand and services but sometimes, videos are even better. That’s where Youtube comes in. At first, Youtube was not as big a platform as it is now and it has progressed so much that it has become the #2 search engine.

Youtube Channels are a great enhancement for social media marketing and through them, Youtube has helped business owners to spread their word and get more customers.

But before jumping at the chance to create a Youtube Channel, business owners should take their time to think about what they can offer the viewers. There are a few thing that they should consider before adding Youtube to their marketing strategy.

1- You Need To Have A Goal:

Why do you need to create a Youtube Channel? Is it because your competitor is doing the same? What is goal? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself before creating a Youtube Channel. You need to have a goal, a motivation to propel you forward. If you don’t have a strong driving force behind you, you will lose your focus after just a short time.

So, in order to actually benefit from Youtube and enhance your business, you need to have a mindset and ambition as to what you are trying to achieve by creating a Youtube Channel.

2- It’s Time Consuming:

Theoretically, you can share videos about your brand, get people to view them and enhance your business. It’s all well and good. But, wait. Do you actually have time for this? Once you create a channel, you have to be consistent in posting your videos. Otherwise you will not benefit from it.

Before you create a channel, think about your schedule. If you think that you can find time during your daily schedule and activities for creating good videos consistently then and only then create your channel.

3- It Requires Proper Equipment:

Youtube Video Equipment

In the present age, people like to watch videos that have high definition and quality. But for creating those videos, you have to own equipment which is capable of capturing high quality videos. Sure, smart phones can provide good quality videos now, but if you want to look like you are serious and ambitious about your aim, you have to do things properly.

4- Talent:

Alright, let’s say that you have a goal, you have time for it and you also have the proper equipment. But, all of that means nothing if you don’t have the talent for making videos. Youtube has changed its algorithm such that the videos that are played till the end will get featured more and will receive more audience. The question is how will you get people to watch your videos in their entirety. That’s where you have to be creative.

Your videos can be graphically designed; you can also feature yourself talking to your viewers about your brand; you can capture a video displaying how things work in your workplace. Just be creative. Studies show that people decide in the first 15 seconds of the video whether they will watch it further or not. Make sure that your video captures the attention of your customers from the beginning and does not bore them. If you can manage that, you can create your own channel.

If you meet all of the above requirements, it’s great! You are well on your way to creating a Youtube Channel. Just a little bit of advice: Remember, Youtube is a social media site as well and for your Youtube Channel to be successful, you have to be interactive and relatable in your videos.
Make videos that interact and relate to your customers. Nobody likes a boring drivel and people are more likely to switch to another video. Be funny, be social, be whatever you want but don’t be boring in your videos because that would turn off most of the people.

Also, if you have a blog or a website, make sure to add a link to your page at the end or below your video. This way, it’s easier for people to find you and your business. Also, if you include Youtube videos to your blog or website, your site will get higher rank in Google and as a result, your business will benefit from it.


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