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3D Posts Are Going to Feature in the Facebook News Feed Soon

By Alex Neil Posted Oct 11, 2017 in facebook/ Social Media News

facebook 3d

A couple of years back, Facebook acquired Oculus Rift and at the time, it seemed like a pretty odd step to some people, given that Facebook is a social media company. But to most of the people, it seemed like a fun and interesting new way to connect to people. But even though, it piqued people’s interest, the purchase rate for the VR headsets has not been high. For this reason, the VR features like interactive content and games have been limited to a small audience.

But on the Oculus Connect 4, on October 11, Facebook’s head of social VR, Rachel Franklin announced this new feature where you can share your VR creation with your friends who don’t have a VR headset. The ‘3D posts’ will soon feature in the Facebook newsfeeds along with text posts, photos, videos, 360 photos and videos.

She showed the audience how the posts will be interactive and you could even open and close a toy car door, pinch and zoom in and out of the post in addition to changing the camera angle.


The users will be able to create these posts in Medium or Spaces and they could then share their creations with their audience on Facebook.

When Facebook news feed first launched, it was just a medium to share text posts. In the following 13 years, it has undergone some very major changes including the addition of photos, videos, live videos, 360 photos and videos. Now, this new addition will take the interaction and engagement to a whole new level.

While before, the new features were targeted at big media companies and celebs to test out first and it was sort of like a top to bottom experience, this new feature will not be like that. This will be readily available for any Facebook user with the VR headsets and they can create and share their posts with their audience.


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