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3 Reasons You Should Ignore Pokémon GO

By Alex Neil Posted Sep 07, 2016 in social media


A few weeks ago, a game with the name of ‘Pokémon GO’ was introduced. Within days, the game became the biggest sensation in the gaming world and news about this game was the headlines all over the internet. We all witnessed how this game literally made people addicted to it. However, as we all know nothing comes free so same thing goes for this game.

Some people had to pay a huge price for their love of ‘Pokémon GO’. Some played this game at the cost of their precious lives and some lost their jobs over this craze. No doubt this game was a real adventure at first but its consequences are much bigger than the fun it delivered. Currently this game is causing a rash of problems everywhere. In this article I’m going to share my thoughts about why this game must be avoided on basis of its consequences.

1. Safety issues:

This is the biggest problem with this game. This game has the ability to turn the users into wanderers as they have to catch the little creatures (Pokemons) by walking on/to the roads, parks, churches etc. A few days ago, I was on my way back home from the market when I got hit by a kid. The kid was so into the game that he didn’t even bother to apologize.

While playing this game, people walk with their stick on the screen of their phones. They become literally unconscious of their surroundings which is the most dangerous thing. This unconsciousness sometimes lead to lifetime regrets. This game has literally caused many to lose their lives. According to the recent report, the craze of this game is spreading all over the world and the death toll is rising in the whole world. Recently I watched a video which was showing a big crowd of Taiwanese people desperately running on the roads while disturbing the traffic. At first I thought they might be escaping from some kind of disaster or something but it was not the case. This whole situation was because of the fact that they were all running to catch the Pokemon.

2. Privacy issues:

Another issue while playing Pokémon GO is that people have started to intervene in other’s life without their knowledge and consent. Many cases were reported that a stranger has entered in someone’s house without his consent in search of Pokemon. A few days back, a case was reported when an eighteen years old was shot dead as he was wandering in someone else’s house in search of the Pokemon along with his cousin. As a result, he was shot dead and the other boy was badly wounded.

This Pokemon mania is resulting in a distress for people because of privacy issues. They can bump into a totally stranger into their own homes anytime of the day or night.

3. Pokémon GO is a battery hog:

It won’t be wrong if we say that this game is the official killer of your phone battery. This game requires you to keep you screen on all the time to catch a Pokemon. If your screen is off you won’t be notified if you are near to a Pokemon. Moreover, the game demands an active GPS, camera and mobile data. All these things result in the fast draining of your battery.

The purpose of this article is to inform you about the problems you might face while playing this game. However, it is not intended to encourage you not to play this game totally. Games are made for the users to have fun while playing it. If you are playing this just for fun with all the possible precautions and safety measure then you are all set.

Not to mention the effects it will have on your business progress and marketing. This game is really time consuming and if you are not careful with how much time you spend playing it, it will cost your personal and professional life a great deal of trouble.


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