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Why 2017 will Be Really Different in Social Media Marketing

By Alex Neil Posted Jan 30, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

social media

If you are referring to social media marketing, then you need to realize that the time we are living in has become uncertain. We have gotten so accustomed to social media that thinking about it as a new phenomenon is quite strange to us. Although it is also right that still, it needs a long way to evolve as it is quick to respond to new tech and competes itself to bring best ever features to us. So to survive you should be ready to opt changes going to happen in the coming year.

Social Media Integration

The coming year is taking us to the integration of social media where social media marketing has become a standard by influencing every stage of customer’s life. 2017 will accelerate the need for intertwining content marketing and social marketing so it is going to be a center of focus for marketers. Marketers will make a tremendous change to their social strategists to cope with customers’ expectations of harmonious and personalized experience. Niche content is going to win its space.

Facebook Evolution

The front-runner dominating platform is Facebook for next phase of evolution of social media. Facebook already owns Instagram and I could see it purchasing more platforms. Facebook is allowing its users more space to their individuality by giving them more control over their news feeds. In future, they may allow their users to design their own systems. As people are demanding than just posting their sentiments about any event, they want to feel the sensation of being there.

Live videos and 360 images and videos are going to take the market. In the coming year, digital media is going to take control of data points in a huge amount that will permit brands personalized interaction. We are not talking just being reactive, marketing will take us to the point where brands will anticipate people’s need by sharing mutual benefit.

A new era of media information

Also, the coming year may lead us to a distrust era of media information. So the marketers should be cautious understandably, in taking account the lack of trustworthy data. There is also a chance of uncertainty in the budget scheming of social advertisements of 2017. Hence the marketers will look to the trusted metrics for supporting their business.

Change in Marketing Strategies

Additionally, envision the strategies for 2017 the brands, as well as social marketers, are expecting a miracle to do a lot of things in far less time by increasing the interactivity between the brands and their clients. The social media is going to revolutionize wholly by giving people real-world benefits that will not only give more immediacy also it will allow people to experience the world in many different new ways. Prepare yourself for more sophisticated marketing automation and hope to see diversity in marketing techniques a new age of social media is starting.

Marketing and Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will integrate marketing and a whole new era of marketing robots is at its rise. Time has come to welcome chatbots that will not answer commonly asked questions also it will allow management of simple bookings. So now representatives of customer service are free to answer queries in-depth.

Also, I see brands producing their own web-TV shows on different social media in 2017. We still have some brands taking control of their lead generation that are developing shows for spreading awareness directly instead of expensive campaigns. It will make brands more sensitive towards their client and they will become wise enough to get separated from pure advertising campaigns and they will try to move to use the effective tool of social ads to get the attraction of mass audiences and will improve their sale. Also, this will open a huge gate of opportunity where a lot more engagement of customers is waiting for them.

There is also a prediction that things will shake up in 2017 after the arrival of a new platform of social media. This will make our life even smarter by focusing on visual mediums.

Wise brands will explore new ways of creating compelling and engaging ads because an ad is nothing if it is not engaging customers. A new generation of ads will overall sharpen the brand’s approach to social media.

In a nutshell with the coming year, marketing is entering a new world. Uncertainty is possible but it is an opportunity for many to grow and flourish.


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