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15 Facebook Status Update Ideas for Small Business Owners

By Alex Neil Posted May 12, 2017 in Facebook Marketing


If you are a business that just cannot exudes personal touch, you must have run into a few problems regarding the variety of content that you can post on your Facebook page. That is probably because, at the end of the day, people will not like it if you just post self-promotional content. They will likely un-like your page if you keep that up.

So, what to do? How can you vary the type of posts that you put on your Facebook business page? Here are a few ideas:

1-Sharing Your Own Links:

Figure out a balance that will work for you. For example, out of 10 posts, 1 could be self-promotional and its purpose would be to derive sales; 3 or 4 could be non-promotional business related posts and the rest will be just filler posts. The ideas for those ‘filler’ posts can be any of the ones listed below.

2-Sharing a Good Statistic:

If you have a lot of customers that you want to brag about or you have come a long way really fast in a very short time or something equally good about your business, share that statistic with your followers.


These are not survey questions. These are the questions that your customers might have regarding your business and they need to be answered. Ask that question and share the link to the blog post in which you have answered that in details. It has the potential to satisfy your followers as well as increase your blog traffic.

4-Photos of Your Product in Action:

Picture posts are really a great way to boost engagement on Facebook. You can upload the photos of happy customers using your product or something like that. It might give your potential customers the push they need in order to convert to your brand.

5-Give Your Followers a Choice:

If you are thinking of bringing a change in your product or service, give your customers a choice to choose what they would prefer. They can show you through likes and comments whether they would prefer ‘x’ or ‘y’ even ‘z’ if you are feeling pretty generous.

6-Caption Contest:

You can hold a weekly caption contest by posting picture of something interesting. The prize can be a public shout-out to the winner in the following week’s contest.

7-Fill-in the Blank Posts:

You can also just write an interesting fill in the blank post. For example, when ‘x’ happens, I feel ____. The purpose of this kind of post is to just get people to comment and improve your EdgeRank so that people could see your post more often.

8-A Simple ‘Like to Enter’ Contest:

For this though, you need to have a prize. Choose that prize wisely because the decision really affects what kind of fans you attract. If you choose an iPad or something like that, you will likely attract people who just want to win an iPad and you do not want that, unless, of course, you work for Apple.

A ‘Like to Enter’ contest is really common. Fans just have to like the contest post (you should pin that post on top of your timeline) to gain entry in the contest by a certain deadline. Then, you get choose a winner randomly through some really good tools like TabSite Timeline Contest App. This is really good way to get a large number of likes on your page.

9-‘Comment to Enter’ Contest:

Well, it is essentially the same as the above method but in order for your fans to enter, they will have to comment on your post. This is a good way to get a lot of comments on your page and that’s better than getting just likes because comments ensure better organic reach.

10-‘Answer a Question Correctly to Enter’ Contest:

This is a great way to engage your fans and make them take interest in your brand products and services. Ask them something about your brand like your latest product or something. And you can choose the winner randomly from all of your fans that answered correctly.

11-Share Your Tweets:

If you have a Twitter account as well, this is really effective. The reason is that because of Twitter’s 140 character limit, you have to put a lot of thought into how to phrase your tweet and if you think hard enough, usually a good tweet is formed. That good tweet is share-worthy on Facebook too. Just get rid of any hashtags thrown in there because they do not work well with Facebook users.

12-Share Your Instagram photos:

If you have an Instagram account, put it to good use. Use a good filter that the app offers and make something share-worthy and then share it on Facebook.

13-Ask Questions:

Now, this is a really great way to get into your followers’ and customers’ minds. Asking them a simple question about what problems they are having with your product(s) can really get you the answers you need in order to improve your quality. You can ask other questions as well, they just have to click with your audience.

14-Post Short Videos about Your Product:

You can post informative videos about your product but ideally, they should be short and to the point. People tend to get distracted with longer videos and they just don’t have the time to stay at one video for longer than a minute unless it’s about something that they love.

15-Share Behind-The-Scenes of your Company:

marketing ideas

What you could do to make people feel connected to you is to give them some behind the scenes videos. They could be of your employees working together as a team or of the process of making your product or anything that can give your followers an insight about what goes on in your brand’s non- social media life.

The above mentioned ideas are not for every business out there. You can pick the ones that are related to your business and try them to see what works for you and what does not. Figure out a ratio, like I said earlier, of how many posts should be promotional, how many should be informative and how many should be personal. If you can find a balance that works for you then that is what really matters. Just be yourself and represent your brand in the way that you think you followers will want to see, ‘followers’ being the key word here. Because in the end, you have to keep in mind what you followers want to see in their news feed and what they will simple ignore or dislike.


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